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    SOLVED Printer Sharing Problem

    Did you try to add the printer ad local port.. Sometimes it works..
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    Scan Utility Driver for Canon Printer

    Right click the installer and click run as administrator. Maybe it will help. If it doesn't work you can enable local administrator account and try to install application from local admin account. To do this type lusrmgr.msc in run and press enter. Users > Administrator > Properties > Uncheck...
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    Trouble With Printing

    Probably i can be USB cable issue. Sometimes printers are work only with same manufacturer made cables.
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    How to install dual boot windows 7 & Windows 10?

    If you have 2 separate partitions and one with already installer windows 10, you can simply install windows 7 into another partition without boot iso or usb.. First download WinNT Setup from here then select windows 7 iso in 1st field and installation partition in other fields. Now click setup...
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    SOLVED New install of win 10 doesn't recognise older win 7 drive for dual boot

    You should have to create another boot meny entry in your bootloader. You can use EASYBCD to make that in easiest way.