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    The 20H2 aftermath

    Me either but that falls well short of the comparison to windows 7.
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    The 20H2 aftermath

    Most usually wait 2 to 3 months before going ahead with a feature update.....simply to let MS work out the kinks. For the most part that holds true but there are those exceptions and those tend to be the horror stories we hear. Then there's the early adopters that just go ahead with out a...
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    SOLVED Why did I get a message that there was fraudulent activity on my Laptop?'s a scam. This is an oddity.....but none the less, I would change all my passwords at this point.
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    where is the contact list Gmail uses?

    The contacts list is not in the mail app itself but it's own app. Just open a 2nd tab, click on the 9 dot cube, then click contacts. I would like to see at least an icon in Gmail that opens a new tab with the contact list.
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    Explorer missing functions

    Is this an upgraded OS.....example; 7 to 10? If so, that is mostly the problem as the file structure sometimes gets dorked up with OS upgrade using the upgrade path.
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    PC Hangs and Full Power OFF/ON is only way out

    Dang....there's 3 BIOS in less than 60 days....not good but at least they are on top of it. The 3 big ones you need to check and install before any others are these: 1. Chipset driver 2. Firmware 3. BIOS. 1 and 2 you can do yourself....3 you might want to research on "HOW TO" update the HP...
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    PC Hangs and Full Power OFF/ON is only way out

    As promised......
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    PC Hangs and Full Power OFF/ON is only way out

    There's 3 of them....IE, Edge and Edge Chromium. The first one is being removed from service by MS as we speak. The 2nd one turned/morphed into Edge Chromium and depending on what OS version and updates one has installed. The system can still have both or all 3. So no....there's no way to remove...
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    PC Hangs and Full Power OFF/ON is only way out

    This one is windows go to settings, Apps, look for internet explorer and uninstall.....if that's Internet Explorer your actually referring to and not Edge Chromium. Those are 2 different browsers and both are from MS. Since this is an OEM PC, have you checked for any driver updates...
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    PC Hangs and Full Power OFF/ON is only way out

    Exactly....sorry it took me so long to get to that point of reasoning and logic. LOL.
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    PC Hangs and Full Power OFF/ON is only way out works great for laptops....but not so good with actual towers. Most of us just leave our PC's on all day and when we retire for the evening....then we turn it off. I was like you, used sleep mode all the time....but then it started giving me issues like yours and eventually, some...
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    SOLVED Questions About Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital

    From what I can glean from it, Atmos is for headset/ear buds for mobile devices. The "Audio" is for home theater use/setups. The digital version is a nice option for those who use their PC's with a "Home Theater" setup....called HTPC.
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    Razer users

    Are there any Razer product users on here......??????
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    modify on-screen keyboard

    I know what you what you want to do. You'll need to look at a 3rd party software as I stated above. I change all my key bindings for my mouse and keyboard for gaming and regular use....but my high end gaming gear has that built into the software that each piece uses. So on my standard...
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    modify on-screen keyboard

    I don't see why you couldn't. If it does allow it, it will be in the on screen keyboard settings. There's also some 3rd party software that will allow key mapping......but not sure if applicable for on screen keyboards. Something to look in to.