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    Which was the best or worst

    As far as Windows, Windows 2000.
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    HDD constantly running, slowing down PC

    Replacing the boot drive with an SSD is the best solution. I've found boot times get longer and longer on mechanical drives, to where a clean install is really the only fix.
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    Moving desktop icons

    If you don't have them auto arranged, or aligned to grid, and if your monitor changes resolution (some games will do this), it will mess up your desktop icons.
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    Windows 10 freezes with high memory usage by Feeds program / process

    I ditched bitdefender years ago. It's protection is top notch, but the program itself left a lot to be desired. Some pages took forever to load (youtube), and sometimes the updater failed to work. Sometimes the updater pegged my cpu at 100% for long periods of time. I just use defender and the...
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    Windows 10 freezes with high memory usage by Feeds program / process

    I believe the feeds app is the news and weather app on the taskbar next to the clock. To turn it off, right click on a blank area of the taskbar, select "News and interests", then select "turn off". See if that helps.
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    Residual McAfee files

    Try downloading and running McAfee's removal tool. I had to run it twice to remove all traces from my HP.
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    WIN 11 upgrade and BIOS update

    If the Windows 11 upgrade didn't finish downloading, it shouldn't install (but I've never paused a version upgrade). You do have to reboot for the bios to update, and you CAN NOT interrupt that. That should happen before Windows even boots.
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    Games crash my computer

    Sounds a lot like a hardware issue. First I'd reset the cmos. Then like Trouble recommended, check your ram with memtest86 and maybe run prime95 to stress the cpu and heaven benchmark to stress the graphics. I'd also monitor cpu and gpu tempuratures while running prime95 and heaven.
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    How can I convert a JPEG image into a PDF that has searchable text?

    I use NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner). It scans pics and documents and converts them to pdf. But you can also import your own pic files (what I need it to do). It has a bunch of other features I don't use including OCR. It's free and open source.
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    SOLVED KB5010793

    For some reason not everyone was offered the out of band update. Only my main PC was offered it as an optional update. Since I wasn't having issues that the update was supposed to fix, I just skipped it. And my build is 21H2, 19044.1466
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    Your best bet is to download and run adwcleaner first. It's maintained by malwarebytes but doesn't need to be installed. Also it specifically targets adware and PUPS. I've never had an issue installing malwarebytes with defender running. It actually...
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    SOLVED W8 Boot startup.

    Make sure you keep tapping F8 from the second the PC is turned on or rebooted. I have to tap it really fast to get to the safe mode screen because my PC boots so fast.
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    SOLVED W8 Boot startup.

    This worked for me. bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy then hit Enter
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    SOLVED Driver for best driver for nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti

    What brand of gtx 1050 ti is it (msi, evga, etc)? It's odd that the latest driver wouldn't work for it. Also for general use, the driver provided by windows update should be sufficient.
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    What do you think of this build?

    Amazon has some nvidia gt 710's/gt730's in the $80-100 range. A bit more expensive than you're looking at, but a bit more modern than the 5450. But if you're only looking for a card to connect an hdmi and a vga, then the 5450 is fine.