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    SOLVED Can't Upload Video to Facebook

    I've had issues with uploading videos in the past. After having issues uploading a video from a PC, sometimes I'm able to upload from my phone. Sometimes I've had other browsers work. And sometimes I can't upload at all. If it's a facebook issue, which I'm sure it is, it usually self corrects in...
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    Backup problem

    Yep, I agree with Grizzly. Windows backup is terrible and buggy. I use an older version of AOMEI Backupper. I wouldn't recommend the new free version anymore. It's become a trial version apparently. Macrium is an excellent solution though. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is decent too.
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    SOLVED Malwarebytes now being ignored by Windows 10

    I'm assuming you have the paid version of Malwarebytes. I'd try reinstalling it. Might be something got corrupted during the last update.
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    SOLVED Driver based virus and windows defender

    That's almost certainly a scam. I don't think I'd worry too much about it. I haven't heard of that scam in quite a few years.
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    SOLVED Driver based virus and windows defender

    I would assume if the threat came via email, it's most likely a scam. What exactly did the email say? Who did it come from? As far as Defender finding it, no antivirus software is perfect.
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    Black screen

    I would definitely try a different HDMI cable.
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    SOLVED New Problems after hard drive format....

    Yes. When you start it It automatically reads SMART data. At GOOD 96%, the drive should be fine. That should rule out that being the issue.
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    SOLVED New Problems after hard drive format....

    If you get it up and running, download crystaldiskinfo and run it. It will check the hard drives SMART data. That will tell you of impending disk failure. Hardware issues are funny. Sometimes you don't even know they are there until you try to do something that exposes the issue. I've had that...
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    SOLVED New Problems after hard drive format....

    Yeah, if you completely format the drive and do a fresh install, and it still fails, it points to faulty hardware, The drive would be the first thing to look at. But other faulty hardware, like the motherboard, could also cause the install to fail. Once you format the drive, that takes other...
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    High ping on only one computer. Disconnects, high DPC

    On one of my tablets once, I had one of the antenna's become disconnected from the wifi card. There's usually two antenna wires that clip on pins on the wifi card. Not sure if that's the issue, and it would take opening the laptop to find out. But the symptoms sound similar.
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    What Program(s)

    You can open the task manager (ctrl+shift+esc). To expand it, click "More details" on the bottom left. Then click the Performance tab.
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    Power saving for only some monitors?

    No, I guess even they use Windows power settings to go to sleep. So that probably won't work. I don't really have a good answer for you.
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    Power saving for only some monitors?

    Some monitors have a power saving mode in their settings. It can't hurt to look. If one does, use that for your PC and the other for the cameras. I don't know of any software that will let you split power savings between monitors.
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    SOLVED New Problems after hard drive format....

    I agree. I'd uninstall it with revo uninstaller first, and see if that helps. If not, doing a clean install of Windows will guarantee no bloatware. My HP didn't come with much. I uninstalled what I didn't need, and went in to the startup settings and disabled the rest from loading at boot.
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    Malicious programs and their names

    I would run malwarebytes free program. Those aren't movies, they are executable files.