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    Want to allow user to access specific application

    All I've seen that may work is the Pro Version of Windows which allows much more in settings for permitting or prohibiting certain uses for Users such as installing or uninstalling programs, changing settings, access to a Network or the Internet, etc. And a Standard account may be needed that...
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    Help needed to open the file

    Also try it without the cid: as in image001.png, if it's a good file should open in Photos or Windows Photo Viewer.
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    Black border around screen

    I'd right-click a blank area of the screen, click Display settings and check where yours is at, maybe try one of the other choices, the Recommended setting is usually the best.
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    SOLVED Keyboard and mouse problem

    You're welcome. A note, I've seen issues with USB devices such as printers not operate properly on USB 3 ports when they specified USB 2 but usually older ones, just something to be aware of.
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    SOLVED Keyboard and mouse problem

    Is the USB Hub self-powered? Is it USB 2 or USB 3? What does the keyboard/mouse require? The USB 2 ports have limited power available which is usually the need of the self-powered hub when have several things plugged into it. The USB 3 ports provide more power and are backward compatible...
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    SOLVED Struggling saving pictures in desire location

    As for viewing, I use Windows Photo Viewer, it has arrows for going to the next image or going back. Other photo programs may have the same.
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    SOLVED Struggling saving pictures in desire location

    I always right-click an image and Save image, usually in Firefox but other browsers should have something similar. The Save as is much the same as in programs when wanting a file in a different folder than set in the browser's Preferences, Options or Settings. Downloading is more commonly used...
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    Microsoft mail

    Most likely your E-Mail Address has been 'phished'.
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    SOLVED No Password.

    Legitimate forums don't usually offer methods of bypassing security features. If you have the discs that came with the computer just do a clean install, will also assure no embarrassing things from the previous owner remain on it. If it had Win10 or Win8 I'd use the MCT/Media Creation Tool to...
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    Norton goes shopping

    Just toss out a few pounds of floppy disks, blank and filled, one was a Norton Rescue Disk.
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    My Win 10 hp laptop goes from warning low battery to shutdown in seconds. Where can I change the settings?? Thank You Jay

    In Start, Settings, and System is a place to change the settings but be cautious of those for Battery, may shorten the time the charge will last. When getting a notice like you got it usually means to plug in the AC adapter to recharge the battery.
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    Window10 update changes

    IF the NumLock is Enabled in the BIOS it may be necessary for a Registry change to return the NumLock State to how it existed at shutdown. Information on a link from another forum...
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    Using an index in a word doc

    You're welcome.
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    Using an index in a word doc

    Most versions of Office have reached EOL/End of Life and are no longer supported, maybe even as late as and including 2016. If not wishing to spend money there's nothing wrong with using the free LibreOffice or OpenOffice, just don't have an E-Mail Client similar to Outlook. I like...
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    Using an index in a word doc

    I've also used older versions of Windows and with older versions of Office, first was Win3,1 on DOS 5 and all following versions but never owned a ME/Millenium Edition nor a Vista, never knew of a version 97. I prefer WordPerfect...