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    Can an old HP G62 run Windows 10?

    It probably can run Win10 but most definitely not properly run Win11, hardware limitations. I have an HP Pavilion g7 and an HP Envy 17 that can't run Win11 but just fine with Win10, both were given me as part of my help with the clients and after some rehab have some value.
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    Trouble managing Shortcut's Properties page

    The function of Ctrl and + or Ctrl and - can change the size of a page as can Ctrl and rolling the scroll wheel back and forth. I haven't seen pressing a key make in reversion of the setting.
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    Monitor does not work with Win 10

    Not much to go on but how are the monitors being connected? Have you checked for updated drivers that support Win10 and the onboard or add-in graphics/video adapter? Not enough information given about the computer. Does any one monitor work when trying to access the BIOS at first boot?
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    Tried to change the format of a partition

    Glad you got it sorted out, sometimes the best solution is to start over.
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    Adding text to photos

    I've used MSPaint to add a text box along the bottom of an image to contain the address of a building in it.
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    Tried to change the format of a partition

    The booting files exist on a bootable drive like the USB or DVD but just booting to it doesn't transfer those files to the internal drive, that's up to the install routine. Sounds like yours didn't complete properly, may be best to try again. As for the OEM version, it may be easier to get a...
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    Tried to change the format of a partition

    Being able to see a drive in another computer will allow saving data files, those that exist nowhere else. Then with the drive back in the computer boot to install media and start over, let the partitions be wiped and do a clean install.
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    Trying to copy a SIMPLE DVD

    I just put in a movie/video disc I recorded back in 2013 from TCM/Turner Classic Movies, one is monochrome and the other color. The disc contains only 2 folders, VIDEO_RM AND VIDEO_TS. This is the only menu I get, nothing between the 2 movies which were recorded from cable consecutively. [Bad...
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    WordPad's strange font behavior

    I just opened a .txt file on my Win11 Wordpad and see that the position of the cursor can be critical, if a word is in Calibri the next word after a space will be Calibri but if putting the cursor after a space or against the beginning of that next word then changing to Arial anything next will...
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    Trying to copy a SIMPLE DVD

    I was just looking at a DVD movie from National Geographic, has 2 folders on it, AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. Looking at a commercial movie [El Dorado] only one Folder, VIDEO_TS. Could be the issue is within how or what was used to record. I do most of my copying work using Roxio Easy CD and DVD...
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    SOLVED Windows photo error

    Rather than the Windows Photo Viewer [which I still use for viewing, not Photos] it may be necessary to try one of the available editing programs such as GIMP or IrFanview, free on the Internet for downloading, there's probably others.
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    Can't import saved book marks or pass words in Firefox 101

    A couple of things, one is the Export of the Bookmarks is separate from the Export of the Security, Logins. The other things is I've found the Menu bar not visible by default so I have to activate it by right click of bar with a tab on it, a page has been opened, then I can get to Tools...
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    PRO License Transfer

    Maybe. But there's a difference between Win10 and Win11 I haven't actually seen yet but may interfere, there is no 32-bit/x86 version of Win11 offered. Usually an x86 key will work on x64 or vice versa. Forgot to include this:
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    Stuck on 1909 build

    Are you trying to Upgrade or have you considered a clean install? A clean install will lose everything on it. As to whether it's a suitable candidate for continuing use we'd need to know the full specifications for it such as Model Number, amount of RAM, free space on the HDD or SSD.
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    Stuck on 1909 build

    It may depend upon your Satellite as to whether it can be Upgraded, Win10 is now at Version 21H2 Build 19044.1806. 1909 = Sept. 2019 21H2 = Second Half of 2021. Version 1909 is out of support now, depends upon the Build...