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    Best total security software for Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    I have always used Avast with Windows 10 (and previous versions of Windows). It is a great Virus checker (and the Free version is all you really need). Under Windows 10 though, I have found that the Avast email shield (for inward email) seems to cause a few problems with other processes (long...
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    How to stop Windows 10 from updating my video driver?

    I have the same problem when Windows updates insist on removing a "so-called" incompatible screen driver from my touchscreen tablet. I found a way around it by creating a desktop icon which runs a complete "unzip" of all the drivers I have backed up, restoring them to their correct folders. To...
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    Question about Windows 10 Anniversary Edition install

    Make sure your virus checker is turned off. Also, ensure you have "Windows Update" set to "Notify to schedule restart" (or instead change to "Aeroplane mode"). Do this once the download has completed and the Installation starts. (In other words, you do not want to be connected to the internet at...
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    Question about Windows 10 Anniversary Edition install

    Maybe you do not have enough space in your MBR (or EFI if you have Solid State Drives). You need at least 100MB in your boot drive for W10 Anniversary to install. Another possibility is faulty screen drivers (although unlikely). Make sure you have updated all your drivers before starting the...
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    SOLVED Windows update always fails

    Several things I found in my updates of over 10 PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10: 1. You must have an MBR (or equivalent on a system with SSDs) of at least 100MB in size If you do not have enough space, at the end of the Install a cryptic message "Fatal error" appears, the upgrade...
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    Windows 10 stuck at 84%

    I found that being stuck at 84% is always because of running virus-checking programs (Avast in my case). As soon as I turn off all functionality in Avast, the 84% advanced to 85% straightway, then on to 100% and success at installation.