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    Help over-clocking my Asus ROG PG348Q monitor

    Hmmm, I have a a 1080TI the minimum or recommended graphics card?
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    Help over-clocking my Asus ROG PG348Q monitor

    It may be the terminology I'm using but It turns out that you can over-clock this monitor, check out the link below.
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    Help over-clocking my Asus ROG PG348Q monitor

    I have an Asus ROG Swift PG348Q 34" monitor. I've been trying to get the Over-clocking feature to work for a while, looking over the forums and I'm still at a lose. I have a DisplayPort cable. I tried various methods methods all to no avail. When I have OC turned on then I press the Turbo key...
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    Potential issue with my SSD

    I've had my SSD for many years and I've tested it yearly to ensure there are no issues. A few weeks ago, my PC started "acting up", menus weren't displaying properly, programs not running, etc. I reinstalled the OS successfully and got everything working. I installed the game Assassin's Creed...
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    Unable to enable Preview Builds plus two other annoyancies

    I'm an Insider and when Microsoft first offered users to upgrade their PCs to the first build of Windows 10, I signed up and installed the build. Up til a few days ago, I had no issues save for a mysterious condition in which my PC failed to wake from sleep or fully reboot, explained more...
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    Build 10586: Icon flashing

    After upgrading to this build, all of the icons and notification center flicker every few seconds. When I click on the Start button, the start menu will open after a while. I've reported this to MS, has anyone else seen this issue?
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    Manually created folders on my C drive are read-only

    I was just creating a folder on my C drive (SSD) when I noticed that the attribute is set to read-only. I've tried clearing the attribute many ways using the link below but to no avail. Right-clicking on the folder does not show the option to Take Ownership. Does anyone know why this is...