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    SOLVED Got infected by Trojan Siredef.C

    Always try to use a vpn for windows applications to stay on the safe end. Your data is very important and it is wise to not take any chances with it.
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    Are you recommending Dark Reader extension or asking for a guide?
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    Change user name

    Simple and Easy steps .
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    Disappearing file

    Does that mean that if there are more on the same drive, none of them will appear in search?
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    Hacker has access to email adress

    I was going to suggest 2FA but seems like you are already on it.
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    Hacker has access to email adress

    Is there any possible way you can change passwords for your current accounts?
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    Is he a spammer?
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    Shutdown pc

    This should do it.
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    Desktop icons moving

    I noticed this as well.
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    GTA 3 for Drive

    I would but as i said, IF i did have it.
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    GTA 3 for Drive

    If i did have it i would have shared it.
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    Test Windows 10

    We all can only hope as their are no feedbacks.
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    I have a blank screen

    Backing up programme files is pointless in and of itself... applications have drivers, registry keys, start menu items, and directories in numerous locations. You could utilise disc imaging (full compressed copies of entire partitions) or a specialist tool to move installed programmes to...
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    It's been awhile...

    You got windows 10 with you, you can live for few more years now.