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    Compute.amazonaws connections

    This link opens my malware blocker Wolfie
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    Compute.amazonaws connections

    This website has all the details and remedies for removing it.
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    How to recover usager name and password

    From your backup disk? If people still do this backup? You should be able to get the username from All settings/Accounts, I don't know of any way to recover a password
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    Which was the best or worst

    Windows 2000 best and worst Windows 95 Windows 8 wasn't that bad other than the interface compared to 95 it was wonderful
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    System files in Windows folder take up to 300 GB and not able to reduce it

    Disk clean up and then System clean up will let you delete the old windows files and update files
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    Deceased user microsoft password

    Back up all data files if your trying to save them, this can be done by removing the HD/SSD and connecting it to another computer VIA USB. Once you have all the data recovered. Run diskpart on the HD/SSD and Clean it and exit. Get your copy of windows 10 and create a clean install.
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    Cohabitation issues with Windows 7 and Windows 10 on 2 different hard disks

    Are your Windows 7 set up UEFI 64Bit? and what booting program are you using for booting Try this one EasyBCD for Windows
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    Newly installed Windows 10 Driver Problems - Can't find any Solution

    Yes with the G750 you'll need a BIOS Update to run 10 and some Asus Drivers. Your best bet is to log in to ASUS ROG forums you'll find other users that have gotten the G750's running on Windows 10 To get the latest driver for your notebook you'll...
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    Installing drivers for all interfaces/ports within an inf file

    If you installed the chipset file for your computer, yes all nfo files will be installed
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    Separate power button and lid action for power modes

    Check with your manufacture as they may have proprietary settings. Otherwise, go to control panel/Power Settings/ Advanced settings where you can set what closing the screen does and what the power button does etc and other Power settings.
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    Sounds like hardware is failing? maybe RAM or Harddrive, one thing you can check for first is the BIOS Battery most likely a 2032 flat battery on your motherboard. After replacing that and you still have the issue check your Hard Drive/SSD Crystal Disk Info should give you a good report. if...
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    SOLVED Has this group started a windows 11 forum yet?

    Thanks, I just DuckDuckGo it.
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    SOLVED Has this group started a windows 11 forum yet?

    Never mind I found it
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    SOLVED Has this group started a windows 11 forum yet?

    has this group started a windows 11 forum yet?
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    SOLVED Unfortunate and Expensive

    got a link?