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    SOLVED Dual Monitor Setup

    The passive splitter only works under certain conditions. Don't remember which. The active splitter will only mirror.
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    SOLVED Drive letters no longer assigned automatically
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    Lenovo PC with windows 10, unable to find wi-fi adapter

    Your guess is incorrect. Read post #3.
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    MBR to GPT

    Disk 0, 1, 2, etc is determined by what SATA port drive is attached to. You want boot drive attached to fastest port. Usually, only one or two ports are SATA III. Use HWiNFO to display port & drive transfer speeds. BTW, MBR only allows 3 Primary partitions, the remaining are Logical. GPT...
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    SOLVED Surface Pro 4 Backup

    Try running Macrium reflect from the rescue environment.
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    70GB missing off 250GB SSD
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    SOLVED Windows 10 update version 1909

    You'll get it from Win10 Update.
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    Windows 10 ISO

    Latest MCT build is 18362.418. ...but that has nothing to do with the build of the ISO it will create. That is determined by the Products.xml file that it downloads each time it is run. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <MCT> <Catalogs> <Catalog version="1.3">...
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    Display driver crash caused by DCOM

    That's the problem...AMD. I bought a new video card & monitor won't return from sleep. Tried older drivers & nothing works. The old nVidia has no problems.
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    Is Windows 10 S sufficient for video editing and batch photo editing?

    Windows S is Microsoft's version of Chrome, but very limited usability. It can be converted to a full Windows for no extra charge. See the link above : Switch out of S mode
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    SOLVED Wifi connection no longer automatic

    New OS requires new wifi configuration.
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    Upgraded to Win 10 1903 - How to get back (darker) desktop background?

    I have the same problem on 1 of 6 computers. Don't know what makes that one different from the other 5.
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    Media Creation Tool Version

    The latest MCT version appends the version number to the filename. The MCT Build number is 18362.1, but will download the latest cumulative update as part of the build, i.e. 18362.175 The USB bug has not been fixed.
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    SOLVED Windows 10 1903 is now officially released

    I'm not claiming it, Microsoft is (see below). A fresh install will work, an in-place upgrade won't work unless you copy the iso file to the internal HDD. I've tested it both ways, it won't install if you attempt to run the iso file from a USB flash drive. Error attempting to update with...