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    SOLVED W10- version 1903 failed to update error code 0x80240034 and 0xc80003f3

    Hello to all; anyone with advice to get passed these error codes? And download the latest version of W10- V1903? Thank you. BTW when I look up these codes on MS no info.
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    How to use Windows Defender Scan Offline Tool

    Hello to all, I am running w10 ver1809. Every 2-3 months I perform an WD Offline scan not because I am getting a notice to do so but as a matter of maintaining my system. This is where I need some feedback; recently while trying to run a WD offline scan from settings this system does not perform...
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    Best total security software for Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    Good Morning Lawrence Stewart Talbot, Yes, CCleaner at least in my case, caused havoc w/ my registry in both of my W10 systems and once I uninstalled this program these issues disappeared. This paid vs unpaid Anti -virus/malware; WD vs all the rest of AVM is clearly a personal choice. In my...
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    Best total security software for Windows 10 Home 64-bit

    I am currently running the most up to date W10 version/build w/WD. And I will say that I have not had any issues. I follow Bif's thought process( previous post). Since 1996 I have used the paid version of McAfee, the paid and unpaid version of Avast, Norton, AVG. And all these programs are not...
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    Group Policy for Home Edition

    Hi, sorry forward this message to the wrong place:D. best wishes take care
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    Group Policy for Home Edition

    Hi davehc sent to me this link. I have not as yet investigated this link most likely this weekend. if you do please let know how it works for you
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    Group Policy changes

    Good morning Dave thank you for this info. I must admit I am little confused as which way to resolve this issue. Another Microsoft thread suggest that I make changes to the Group Policy settings. So I am tentative if go ahead make these changes as per your thread and then if that does not...
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    Group Policy changes

    Hello to everyone, Currently, I am running W10 Home version 1809( October update) OS Build 17763.55. At times, when downloading an windows update ie Windows defender, Antimalware platform I am getting an error message (Error 0x80070643) indicating problems installing these updates etc. In...
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    Windows 10 Freezes When Using Chrome

    I too, have had many issues w/ Chrome. I agree with Bassfisher, this is a Chrome issue and not W10. and this has been going long before the current W10 1803 download. I have contacted Chrome several times regarding freezes and dropping pages but unfortunately, no response. I will add that I am...
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    Windows Defender Fall Update New Security Feature Added

    Thanks to all who responded to this thread. Wolfie, you are correct my All in One as a hardware device is not recognized a Protected Folder only, as you point out only specific documents. But all is good i don't mind physically moving scanned docs to a file that i created. But on another note...
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    Windows Defender Fall Update New Security Feature Added

    Good Morning Norton, thank you for your reply. I do not have an issue with Defender scan; my issue is whenever i need to scan to my computer via my all in one printer. My windows defender operates perfectly. However, when i need to scan a document into my folder is when i need to designate a...
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    Windows Defender Fall Update New Security Feature Added

    Greeting Wolfie, Currently, i am running W10 ver 1709;and i did activate the (Controlled Access Folder) and i am not sure if one of the consequences of doing so it altered my folders so that whenever i scan documents--which i have been a lot lately--prior to turning on the Controlled access...
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    Is Windows Defender Any Good?

    Hi to all, W10 forum is a wonderful location to get feedback and resolution to W10 issues. I totally disagree with Norton even tough, MS is not into creating AV programs etc; what they have done is to create a seamless AV program that runs extremely well w/ MS EDGE and Firefox. Is it a perfect...
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    Outlook 2016-Can not open inbox

    Hello to all, Currenly,I am running W10 version 1703(Creators update). I recently, downloaded Outlook 2016 however, I can not locate where to open much less find, the INBOX. Any thoghts anyone. Thank you and best regards.
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    Check your Windows Defender protection engine version

    Hi Bif, I was reading your exchange with davehc when it occurred to me that I did not try to open the Windows Security center from my taskbar. And when I tried this just a few moments ago the new Security Center or your Attachment 5686 opened in the manner I expected with this Version of 1703...