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    Options to restore video output

    My Compaq desktop failed to deliver video after a Sleep request & start up Several hard S/d & restarts have not delivered any video output !!! Computer seems to boot up to a solid signal but no response & not even mouse shows up Pretty sure the graphics are integrated . What options are...
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    desktop icons keep moving

    Me too since about a week ago ????
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    re-ordering of desktop shortcuts

    did not help
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    Miracast - recognize WDlive for projection

    It has worked as cast receiver before & is on the network When I use Windows +P I get options list regarding projections but clicking it does not "trigger" the casting at the WD . Searching in windows help does not help. How do I make the WDlive respond? Thanks
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    Pop ups do not open separate from original window

    Ok now had to de seltect DHTML & now all back the way I prefer Offered as an option on the actual webpage
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    Pop ups do not open separate from original window

    Win 10 problem was OK but now messed up tried with Opera & Chrome on 2 computers - same thing Is this a set option somehwere
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    SOLVED Windows.old

    Thanks meanwhile saw post to use crapcleaner advanced with old windows file option selected . The go back to clean & select , analyze & run seems to be working
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    SOLVED Windows.old

    Tried to remove Requires installer access As it absorbs a major chunk of my limted laptop harddrive I want to ditch windows 10 going well . So after a month will this file be automatically deleted - since only "promised" to allow reversion for 30 days ?
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    Youtube in Firefox

    On Opera I get audio but no video
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    SOLVED Error 80240020

    I just did the download over top? of the corrupt file & install went ahead fine this time Looks good so far - seems faster - maybe i've shed some excess baggage?
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    SOLVED Error 80240020

    Similar although I got to configuring for W10 & then left machine Wife took over at what step or message? Anyway install failed & error 80240020 came up Now doing a new download - why - not sure
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    Windows 10 refuses to upgrade over Windows 7 SP1

    Then a shutdown & auto start to configuring for windows 10 0% 6% after 1 minute
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    Windows 10 refuses to upgrade over Windows 7 SP1

    My upgrade came through & I requested install Screen says "working on it" but has stayed at that for over 2 hours? This is on my laptop HP with SSD So cancelled & went back to windows icon & asked again to Continue This time looks like a go as I got a great lets get started message