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    windows10, programs stop working even task manager

    I installed windows10 tech. and everything is messed up, programs lock up, tack manager stops working, very slow, I have Version 10049. New computer 4mgs ram, 3.5mgh. Going to try to go back to 8.1 Anyone from Microsoft want to see what is going on with my computer, so they can see some issues...
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    Outlook & Word runs slow

    Programs run slow after installing 10.Outlook and Word.Can type way faster than it can keep up, and i'm a slow typist. Intel 30ghz Ram 4.0 64 Bit Using Windows 365 Programs Hope someone helps. Thanks David
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    Smart TV acquiring videos, photos from computer

    I had windows 8.1, I could go to Media App on my Smart TV, hook up with my computer and find videos, etc.... After installing 10, Media goes to computer just as before and goes to: [email protected]\video\root. I cannot find this location on my computer and cannot change the location on the TV. Any...