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    WordPerfect for Windows 10

    My wife is using WPX4 on w10, v 1903. No issues that I know of.
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    Windows 10 wants a password, not a PIN

    That sounds dangerous. With some of my systems, that could disable some of my hardware. I tried that on one of my Home systems, and it rebooted asking for a pin at the log in screen. Doesn't seem like that is the problem. Your best bet would be to connect to the internet and go through the...
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    SOLVED How to adjust the size of notifications on Window 10

    This looks like tablet mode or you are set to full screen. Change full screen here: And tablet mode here:
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    "Close all windows" missing from Windows 10 Home explorer folders

    This is from W10 Home version 1909:
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    Windows 10 Backups

    I know I'm jumping into this thread late. Just thought I would point out that Easeus still has a free version (see link), although lately I've been using Macrium Reflect.
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    SOLVED Windows defender having serious issues/Virus?

    Usually, when you see a screen like this, your browser will be locked up. Activate Task Manager by right clicking on the task bar, or push [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del]. Click on More details. Then find and click on your browser (Chrome, Edge, Fire Fox, etc.), then click on end task. Has worked...
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    Controlled Folder Access; W 10 Home V.1903;OS build 18362.356

    Are you logged into Windows with a User level account, or an Administrator level account? Perhaps you must be logged in as an administrator to modify permissions for Controlled folder access.
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    SOLVED Imminent update?

    Change this in File Explorer In Select View, and then click on the down marker right of Group by. Select (none). This is after selecting (none). (none) is even missing from the choices. Next step is to left click on the category "Name" to alphabetize.
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    Windows 10 : Black screen with cursor at startup.

    What type of computer are you using? Knowing your system specs might be helpful. With out more information, it's tough to know where to start. You could have a bad connection somewhere, or problems with your MB, or your video display or other possibilities.
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    Windows 10 : Black screen with cursor at startup.

    What else have you tried since your last post, such as rebooting, booting from a flash drive, trying a re-install, etc.
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    Upgraded to Win 10 1903 - How to get back (darker) desktop background?

    Settings > Personalization > Colors. Scroll down and select the “Dark” option under the “Choose your app mode” Sets some (but not all) Microsoft applications to a dark background.
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    Microsoft Edge does not appear in background apps

    See if Edge is listed in the Startup tab of Task Manager. Right click taskbar, Left click Task Manager, Left click Startup tab. Also check C:\Users\ {username}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup, C:\Users\Default\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start...
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    How to disconnect a license from a system.

    If your W10 is an OEM version, the license is usually only valid for the system originally installed on. If it is a retail version, you should be able to transfer it with no problem. I suggest installing W10 on the new system, and if you have activation issues, call Microsoft for activation...
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    Folder 'Windows' shows 'State:Shared'...

    See post #3 in this link: How to fix windows 10 black desktop issue? Thanks Clintlgm for explaining the procedure so well!