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    How to remove Windows 10 taskbar/show desktop button?

    Hi there. I need 1 of the 2 things found if possible for Windows 10 only. Either to remove (NOT disable) the show desktop button (which I have no use for at all) at boot up, NOT startup, or remove taskbar at boot up, but still have access to the Windows key for the start menu. I have already...
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    Removing taskbar icons in Registry Settings

    Thank you for replying with those detailed answers. Please don't think I'm being ungrateful but unfortunately, the above info is not what I'm looking for even though I tried everything above. I want to permanently remove them so there is nothing on the taskbar at all (apart from the Start button!)
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    Removing taskbar icons in Registry Settings

    Hi, I would like to permanently remove the notification arrow and the show/peek at desktop icons on the far right of the taskbar as I don't need them or want them. I have downloaded God Mode tweaks, various Windows 10 tweaks, Windows 10 Manager etc and for me, nothing works, so please tell me...