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    System Restore

    Hi All, My system restore has suddenly decided to stop working, has anyone any ideas why and what to do to return it to a working state. I am using win 10 on a 64 bit machine.
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    SOLVED System Restore defunct

    Hi, All, I am still getting the freezing problem but only very rarely now, this is because I learned of this app (jv16 PowerTools 2017) which has seemed to have solved 90% of the problem. jv16 PowerTools 2017 is a free to download and use but it is not the pro version but the download from...
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    Hi, Since the last automatic update my computer freezes after boot up I have to restart the computer by switching the computer off at the tower and on again at the tower and then it is OK and doesn't freeze again. I am using Win 10 64bit 24gb ram. Can anybody answer this problem, please?
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    SOLVED System Restore defunct

    Hi, Yup tried that didn't work. Thought about renaming the windowsapp folder but I decided not to attempt that method. So the best thing I think I can do is to re-install win 10 by wiping the drive completely and get a clean install. My SSD C:/drive is only used for booting and only holds the...
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    SOLVED System Restore defunct

    Hi everyone I am a newbie so bear with me, I stupidly downloaded a file that contained so many unwanted rubbish apps and malware that I had no option other than re-install win 10. After this install, system restore would let me create a restore point but will not let me use the restore point or...