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Oct 27, 2013
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    1. Dharmedra Verma
      Dharmedra Verma
      Mr Ian I am very thankful about Desktop,ini
    2. Bruce Banks
      Bruce Banks
      How do I post a question (I have no URL so can not set up account)
      1. Ian
        Jul 7, 2016
    3. Sep
      How do you flag a post as being resolved? I can't seem to find an option to do that.
      1. Ian
        Thanks for letting me know about this Sep, I've enabled this feature for the Phone forums , it should work when you visit that thread now :).
        Jun 9, 2016
    4. ToxicGhost42
      @Ian I need your help please.
    5. Neil Hodgkins
      Neil Hodgkins
      is it possible to change my screen name on this forum?
      1. Ian
        Hi Neil, yes as you've got a new account just send me a message with what you'd like it changed to and I can do it manually for you :).
        Feb 23, 2016
    6. John D
      John D
      My computer is frozen after receiving a large upgrade o W. 10
    7. John D
      John D
      My computer is locked out. Windows 10 was a virus. Any info available
    8. davehc
      Bugger. They are at it again!!! Spamming!!
      1. Ian
        Cheers Dave, I'm looking at all recent registrations now :).
        Dec 1, 2015
    9. davehc
      The forum is under attack - urgent!!!
      1. John D likes this.
      2. Ian
        Thanks Dave, I'm just about to make a post on this now.
        Nov 29, 2015
    10. RecumbentTim
      Hi Ian, I am a new guy here but plan to stick around. I am enjoying the interaction. I am learning a lot about Windows 10 and pc's in general too. You stated recently that you could help with name changes. So, I was wondering if you would change mine which I think is a little long. TimS would be better as my name is Tim and last name starts with S. Thanks and if you decline, thats ok too.
      1. Ian
        Hi Tim,

        Glad you're liking it here :). I'm happy to change usernames for brand new users, as sometimes there are spelling mistakes or people use their real name by accident. However, we don't change usernames once someone is established as it would get very confusing if several members usernames suddenly change (I get these requests often and have to give the same answer). Hope that's ok :)
        Oct 31, 2015
    11. Christine Stanley
      Christine Stanley
      HI Ian, my address book in talktalk webmail has suddenly become empty, How can I retrieve this please?
    12. ady
      Hi Ian, wondered if you had any probs with your PC coming on during the night? (W10) I get up in the am and it's running, when I turned it off the night before! I have resorted to switching it off at the back to prevent this from happening.
    13. NormV
      Cannot burn DVD or CD on the Toshiba Satellite C56-C52** series with built-in Windows 10. Toshiba said the problem source is Windows 10. Please help me fix by my own. I am an Intermediate user and used regedit before. Please help!
    14. Alan Grieve
      Alan Grieve
      why no cursor
      1. Ian
        Aug 11, 2015
    15. Nibiru2012
      Hello Ian! Jeff C. here aka Nibiru2012
      Just DL Win10 Pro and fully activated.
      Been spending a LOT of time messing with Android and custom ROMS for it.
      I have an LG G3 and love it.
      If you want to establish my old status you may... if not I'll understand. ;-)

      1. Ian likes this.
      2. Ian
        Hey Nibs, good to see you over here! Will drop you a PM tomorrow, as I'm just about to shut the PC down for the night.
        Jul 29, 2015
      3. Nibiru2012
        Okay... cool beans!
        That's the bee's knees! ;-)
        Jul 29, 2015
    16. NightEagle
      Would it be possible to request a name change to NightEagle please? Thanks!
      1. Ian
        Sure, I'll do this now for you :).
        Apr 6, 2015
      2. NightEagle
        Apr 8, 2015
    17. Harsh
      why windows 10 apps close unexpectedly ?
      please help !!!!!!!!!!!
    18. windowsfan_deleted
      Please delete my account forever.
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