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    California here

    Welcome to the forums :). Yep, as @Trouble mentioned your post got caught by an automated spam check (it sometimes catches innocent posts). I manually approved it a little earlier :).
  2. Ian

    How to Install Windows Sandbox

    Welcome @Cat Herder! You need Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, it won't work in home editions unfortunately. I'll update the article with this info if it's not already in there.
  3. Ian

    Imaging Editing Apps .....

    The most popular free image editing software is probably GIMP - that'll do what you're after: Adobe Photoshop Express (free) may also do what you are after, and may be a bit easier to use...
  4. Ian

    New Ryzen CPU/APU's are out

    I've just bought the Ryzen 3600 from Amazon - it should arrive on Saturday :D.
  5. Ian

    New Ryzen CPU/APU's are out

    Sounds like a really great deal for a budget machine - I think it's going to prove pretty popular with PC builders!
  6. Ian

    New Ryzen CPU/APU's are out

    These look like great buys - I'm going to be joining you with a new CPU very soon :D.
  7. Ian

    Two "Desktops" In File Explorer: Differences ?

    Any chance you could post a screenshot please bob - as I'm a little puzzled as to why they would show different things if it's the same location. I get two "desktop" links - one is under "quick access" and the other is under "this PC". They are both the shortcuts to the same location and show...
  8. Ian

    For Any Google Earth Users: Photo Saving Format Question

    JPG files are image-only files, whereas KML files are a markup language that contain other data. Instead of saving an image, try exporting a KML file as follows:
  9. Ian

    SOLVED DVD Drive re-appeared in Version 1903 (os build 18363.175)

    That's great news :). Glad it's back up and running for you!
  10. Ian

    Removing AVAST (Can't) ?

    Just as an aside, if you have problems uninstalling Avast the usual way, they do have this uninstall utility:
  11. Ian

    Spam on this site

    Yep, we're working on getting this one nailed down - it's the most problematic spam attack I've ever seen. I don't want to say too much in public, as they'll see this - but we're getting there :).
  12. Ian

    SOLVED Firewall cant be turned on ( 0x8007066d9 )

    That's great to hear, thanks for reporting back and marking the thread solved :).
  13. Ian

    SOLVED Firewall cant be turned on ( 0x8007066d9 )

    Ah, in that case, try this troubleshooter:
  14. Ian

    SOLVED Laptop Won't Start

    Are you able to enter safe mode at all? Normally after a few failed boots, Windows 10 will attempt this. You can try and force it as follows: If this works, please try going to Advanced Options > Startup Repair. This will attempt to fix some boot problems.
  15. Ian

    SOLVED Firewall cant be turned on ( 0x8007066d9 )

    Hi @lego1234567, welcome to the forums. The first thing I'd do is run the built-in troubleshooter. If you go to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot and then click on "Incoming Connections". It'll have a button you can then click to start the Firewall troubleshooter.