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    salutations friends!

    Hello and welcome to the forums :).
  2. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    You may find this article interesting...: I'm not sure what I can do to improve things for IE11 unfortunately, as it would be a huge task to get things fully backwards compatible. It's...
  3. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    Yep, that's how it should work - once the width passes a cut-off, the CSS changes the style to save space :).
  4. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    I'll keep digging Dave, still making a few tweaks to the design :).
  5. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    If the browser width drops below something like 800px, the menu should start to gracefully try and save space, before turning in to a sidemenu (i.e. on mobile). The text names for the user side menu are the first to go. Could that be the issue here, or is it full screen on a desktop?
  6. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    Gimme a week or so and I'll see what I can do to add this back :). I'll see if I can find a cause for this. Is anyone else reading this in IE11 having problems with the editor?
  7. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    I'll do some testing in IE and submit a bug report if I can replicate it @davehc :). edit: I'm posting this update from IE11 and all of the buttons are working ok for me - it works as expected. Are you running any plugins, etc...? Is the browser in compatibility mode?
  8. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    Not yet, but if it's useful, I can see if I can add this option :).
  9. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    And we're back online :D. I'm still tweaking a few bits and bobs, but we're 95% there.
  10. Ian

    Forum Upgrade... coming soon!

    I'm going to perform this upgrade later on today, likely starting in around 45 mins (11:45am GMT). This will take the site offline for around 5-10 mins, followed by some style issues for another 30 mins (but the forum will still be operational). I'll post a little more once the upgrade is complete.
  11. Ian

    Cloud storage

    I like OneDrive, simply because of how well it integrates with Windows 10. Dropbox is very popular, but it's had some serious breaches in the past which has put me off using it somewhat. For cloud storage, I'd only use one of the really big-name companies, as they're most likely be on top of...
  12. Ian

    Windows Update

    I had the same problem on a new install yesterday on both Windows Update and Insider Activation, but thought it was just a problem at my end - working now though!
  13. Ian

    Hi! I'm new to this community

    Hi Anny, welcome to the forums :).
  14. Ian

    SOLVED NAS recommendations

    I'd highly recommend Synology NAS units, they're very reliable :). I do like QNAP for NAS devices, but I've had poor experience with reliability and tech support (their hardware is better, but the software is less reliable). If you won't be using Plex, Docker or other services on the NAS and...
  15. Ian

    How to turn on monitor by tapping screen

    Normally when the screen is set to turn off (via power settings), it also disables the touch function on the monitor... with the exception of devices built to be all in ones. If you're handy with electronics, you could make a simple "on" button that wakes the monitor via a virtual keypress. I...