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    No Big Deal Here.

    Let's be honest, Win10 Tech Preview is basically a non-touch optimized hack of Windows 8.1 with the new start menu and virtual desktops tacked on. It really isn't much more, and even says it's Windows 8.1 Pro if you care to look. It's been released to appease the Windows 8 haters, and to try and...
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    Just installed my Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Don't get stressed on how long it took to install. My desktop is very fast with a quick Solid State Drive. I didn't have a disastrous result as a few items didn't work. No biggy. I have been beta testing for MS for many years and this is a preview only. Now the download took awhile but after I...
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    Just installed my Windows 10 Technical Preview

    OK I must agree " just seems to be Win7 with a new Win8 menu" The menu items that didn't work were the games as well as a few of the newer items. I have diverted back to my trusty Win7 so Win10 is gone for now and will sleep better at night. I have no idea what they are planning in MS. I guess...
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    Just installed my Windows 10 Technical Preview

    I installed Win10 Preview today and ran it all day. Wasn't that impresses. Just seems to be Win8 with a similar Win7/Win8 menu. The install took about 8 minutes and I didn't have any driver issues. Everything worked fine on a clean SSD install. I really didn't see much speed in anything even...