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    Start Windows without a password

    I have four computer with Windows 7 Home, and the three others running Windows 10 Home and Pro, and I don't have to enter my passwords or PIN as you mentioned. When you press the WIN logo and +R, be sure you have the RUN window up... type control userpasswords2 and press Ok or...
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    Warning For 800M Windows 10 Users

    It's a matter of time that Microsoft will learn from their mistakes that Windows 10 may have been a flop to all computer s users. And that they will realize it is time for a complete new OS …. not a upgrade, but, a complete OS on a free set of discs.
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    Start Windows without a password

    Okay, here's good to go... Press WIN (logo) +R to get the RUN menu. In the RUN menu type --- control userpasswords2. Look for the option windows saying...Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Uncheck this option and press "OK" Now a windows opens up asking you...
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    It's Better Than Nothing!....Windows 7 this is.

    My 2013 HP p6750f desktop with Windows 7 Home was upgraded to Windows 10 Home when it was free. This past month I wanted to move from the HHD to a SSD. No matter what or how I tried, (and I tried every which way) it wouldn't migrate to the new SSD. The error message code OXc800000f said...
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    Move HDD to SSD

    Haven't done anything yet regarding the cloning. I've read that if my HHD has less "used" space than 500GB's, I don't need to make any partition on the drive. I think I read that correctly. I only have 38.7 GB used space on the HHD.
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    Move HDD to SSD

    Thanks for the comments. I've located a view that here is what can be done. "How to clone a 1TB HDD to a 500GB SSD with Reinstalling" Cloning large drive to a smaller drive includes many situations, like clone 1TB HDD to 500GB SSD. It's gratifying that AOMEI Backupper Standard will help...
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    Move HDD to SSD

    My HP Pavilion p6750f desktop came with a WD 1.0TB hard drive with Windows 7 Home. Few years ago I upgraded to Windows 10 Home. BIG Deal at the time. Now, I want to move the HHD to a SSD. Here are the spec. on the 1.0TB. Used space: 41,560,571,904 bytes.....38.7 GB. Free space...
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    Microsoft Edge Ad

    I downloaded Spyhunter5 and after 72 minutes of scanning, it shows I have about 3600 malware objects on my computer with version 1903. Of course, they want me to register and pay their "fee" to remove such objects. There's an old saying here in my neck of the woods, "you may fool me once...
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    SOLVED DVD Drive re-appeared in Version 1903 (os build 18363.175)

    In another thread today I posted that my HP p6750f desktop lost it's DVD-RW drive when I upgraded to Windows 10 Home from Windows 7 Home. And, after reading all morning how this occurred on millions of PC's around the country, it appears Microsoft went to work early out in Redmond, Wa and...
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    SOLVED HP =p6750f DVD-CD- RW Drive Not Working after WIN 10 Upgrade

    Solved: See above new Thread Title: Win 10 #1903
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    SOLVED HP =p6750f DVD-CD- RW Drive Not Working after WIN 10 Upgrade

    Forget that link. No go on that connection. I removed the DVD-RW drive and installed it in another desktop with Windows 10 Pro and it works as it should. Ran couple Cds in it and all went well. So, it's the HP p6750f with the Windows 10 Home upgrade over Windows 7 Home that destroyed...
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    SOLVED HP =p6750f DVD-CD- RW Drive Not Working after WIN 10 Upgrade

    It was all well and good when I had Windows 7 Home on this desktop PC. That is until I upgraded to Windows 10 this past week, and now the HP #AD-7251H5 DVC RW device is not working. I ran Belarc Advisor and it shows it is Smart Status and Healthy. I went into control panel and deleted...
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    Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 plus new ssd

    Today I tried something different in my upgrading from Win 7 Home to Win 10 Home. I think it may have been back in earlier 2016 when Microsoft was giving away Windows 10 to those that had XP, Win7, Win 8. I bought five CD's from a retailer in Wisconsin for $25.00 Three Cd's had Win 10 Home...
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    Installing WIN 10 PRO on WIN 10 Home machine...Can it be done?

    I've ran into a slight change-over matter with Windows 10 OS. I have a HP Pavilion p6750f desktop that had Windows 7 Home. I couldn't get Windows 10 Pro to install on the PC, as Microsoft wouldn't activate it. Microsoft says I need to buy a license. So, I tried another way. I...
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    SOLVED I knew I had to do it sooner or later....go to Windows 10

    There's nothing regarding files, etc... that I would keep on the old drive. It's been idle, but, I'm thinking I might need it for a back-up.