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    Re-enable windows update, what are the dangers ?

    In a moment of stupidity I lent out my laptop and the windows media player and edge was started. Now I lost admin rights of RPC service so firewall.msc can not be restarted, all greyed out. Im running very tight security on my laptop since early 2017 and as I need stability and safety win update...
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    Who/what is changing my firewall rules ?

    @davehc : Dear dave, thank you for good advice. I will have a look at the event viewer again, problem is I tend to not see important events after scrolling through for a while but you are perfectly right, it is here I should search, my bad. You gave me a great idea, is there a possibility...
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    Who/what is changing my firewall rules ?

    @Tim Locke : Thank you for advice. Without revelaing too much I allready have something similar in place. I just feel I want to get a grip of what is creating unwanted changes to the win firewall, Im most worried this process may affect something else than the computer local firewall that I...
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    Who/what is changing my firewall rules ?

    Dear forum. Im running strict rules for my firewall but every 3-6 months Im finding all my firewall rules are changed and computer is changed to wide open in the windows 10 software, like its gone back to default settings. Iam the only user of this computer as I have high sensitive data in it...