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    Sled SSD's

    Here's my latest. I was able to delete C from System Reserve and shrink volume merge D with free space but not change letter.
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    Sled SSD's

    The above is my disk management. Not sure about partition arrangement. I do remember purchasing a SATA to USB cable and running recovery from an external drive to load the SSD in the laptop. SanDiskPlus240GB is the SSD brand.
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    Sled SSD's

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    Sled SSD's

    Remember when your dads' family bus sedan was disparagingly referred to as a sled? I think the same about SSD's. What are supposed to be whiz bang solutions for speed are not. I installed them in two laptops and they give new meaning to the word buffering. Whiz bangs? Can't prove it by me.
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    SOLVED Does Windows 10 really need a user password?

    Thoughts? How about I despise passwords- my computer is mine and only I have access. I don't log in to my toaster. Try running a search for NETPLWIZ on any engine. That tells how to bypass passwords.
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    SOLVED Surface Pro 4 Backup

    Try booting via an F12 startup with a rescue disc then run recovery from an external disc.
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    How to Re partition SSD drive

    Caution: before you delete all partitions look at function in disk management. If listed as boot or MBR deleting will put you in a no boot condition.
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    Cannot back my computer since I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7

    If you're trying a system image to an external drive try naming the backup WindowsImageBackup (note caps and no spaces). I went thru a bunch of "couldn't find" messages till I stumbled upon this naming gambit.
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    SOLVED Popup: The server you're using is not secure

    I tried Thunderbird on a recommendation from Kim Komando.s site. It sucks.
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    Mouse Scroll Speed Too Fast

    Try this. Scroll speed can be adjusted. I use setting 3 which is rather slow.
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    SOLVED Microsoft password hell

    Did you try restart immediately after OK?
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    SOLVED Booting from a usb hard drive cloned from windows 10 OS

    My experience trying to boot from any USB device was that it didn't work. I was able to boot from an F!2 startup via a previously prepared rescue disk then run recovery from an external drive connected to USB. Try that.
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    SOLVED Windows 10 - Does not keep correct time

    then you have a bad capacitor in your power supply which is causing the problem. I've seen this before and experienced it firsthand. My cmos battery would die shortly after replacement which was a herculean effort as it was buried under the keyboard. I finally had to endure startup error...
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    God mode

    My experience with that has been that an icon looking like control panel will show up but for whatever reason the name God Mode will not be accepted. Otherwise it really is God Mode.
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    Strange Win10 horiZonal not wanted scrolling

    My go to for mouse problems is Mouse and Keyboard Center at Microsoft Download Center. It features disabling for various functions.