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    Removing Ms Security Essentials After Upgrade To 10

    Two different programs. Windows Essentials 2012 is a suite of programs (including Live Mail). Security Essentials is an anti virus program
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    OneDrive - Is it lost when re-installing WIn-10

    Shouldn't be a problem. I still had all my data from OneDrive.
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    Unable to install Google Chrome on windows 10

    Temporarily disable your anti-virus. This problem is NOT unique to Windows 10. Over the years I have run into it a number of times with different versions of Windows.
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    Anniversary Upgrade Went Like A Charm

    Got my upgrade the day after it came out.
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    Anniversary Upgrade Went Like A Charm

    So much negative about Windows 10 Upgrade (the original which I had no problems with). Well, the Anniversary Upgrade went just as smoothly. Our home has three desktops, and two laptops. All upgraded without a hitch.
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    Sleep On Lid Close Won't Work

    It's a Dell? Say no more. At my computer club it seems so many of the troublesome computers are Dells. I won't even go to a member's home to work on their computer for anything anymore if it's a Dell - had it with them!
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    SOLVED Win 10 Final Release

    July 29 is the last day for the free upgrade. The Anniversary upgrade will be August 2, but you need to have Windows 10 already installed. How this affects those who are only running Insider editions is another question. I did inquire a while back on the MS community forum about when the...
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    Windows Live Mail On Windows 10

    Looks like you've run into one of what could end up being a stream of problems. If you have an email address this is why. Recent changes are causing a boatload of problems for Windows Live Mail users with Microsoft email addresses. Looks like MS wants to phase out the program. Try...
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    How to name photos in Win 10?

    You need to make the changes to the actual file in Pictures or wherever you've stored your photos.
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    Is this the worst Windows ever?

    Messing around with settings (beyond the standard stuff) is never a good idea! You change something, then something doesn't work and you blame Windows 10. Hmmm! Does anyone see where the problem actually is??
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    To Help Every One On Win 10 Update

    The AV programs in recent years have gotten so entwined with operating systems, it only makes sense that they could cause problems during upgrades. Just look what you have to go through to uninstall them properly.
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    Removing Ms Security Essentials After Upgrade To 10

    Will try that FIX tool. It seems it's like some of the retail AV programs that leave just enough junk behind to make your computer think it is still there.
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    Will I lose my Windows 10 license entitlement if I upgrade the motherboard on my PC?

    Well, whatever it actually was, the media was calling it a 'crash'. Something told me to check and make sure I'd activated shortly before reading the article. Nope it hadn't and it took three days for the server to get caught up.
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    Removing Ms Security Essentials After Upgrade To 10

    Nope, tried but a message comes up saying you already have Defender. Oh, and I forgot to mention, he was getting a message when starting up the computer about a problem since both are on there - and still gets it.
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    Up coming new build August

    I would go ahead and uninstall it first. No sense asking for trouble. Will take less time than going through the possible headaches afterward.