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    m.2 drive as boot with reg ssd

    yes sir i did install windows 10 on the m.2,i was going to add the other ssd after the win 10 on the m.2 fully just a little green to using multible ssds
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    m.2 drive as boot with reg ssd

    hi guys i want to use my Crucial mx500 m.2 ssd as boot and use my 500 gig samsung ssd as storage etc should i boot to the m.2 and install windows 10 first and then add the samsung ssd afterwards?im trying to use the m.2 as pri boot and have the added storage on another ssd .the crucial m.2 is...
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    boot cycle on m.2 ssd drive

    hi guys i installed a crucial mx500 m.2 ssd drive in my pc im running 2 ssd drives,my question is(really green at the ssd)if i disable the m.2 drive in the bios when i boot to the other win 10 system on the other ssd will my m.2 ssd drive incur boot cycles on its life with it disabled ?