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    WINDOWS 10 INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE (Troubleshoot Options not showing)

    Hello lustrefelix, You can use any device to get on the internet and change your Microsoft account password: You can then use the updated password to log in to your computer.
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    Security Updates for 1709

    Hello quarkrad, It's not really possible to have the security and safety of an update without having the update installed. With that being said, 1709 is still a reasonably new version of Windows, so you should be able to use it without having to worry about too much at all. You will be fine...
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    Picture storage...

    Hello, If you prefer the Windows 7 PhotoViewer over the Windows 10 Photos app, you can actually select the old PhotoViewer from the Settings app and use it again. Head to Start menu >Settings > Apps > Default apps > Click Photos and select the PhotoViewer. More recent versions of Windows 10 I...
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    Windows 10 photo app problems

    It sounds like your Photos app could do with a reset. Please right-click on the Photos app tile from the Start menu > hover over More > App Settings and then click on the "Reset" button.
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    Strange trouble with sound

    You said it stopped working after an Insider update? My first guess would be that it is the test build of Windows that you're on that might be the problem. I'm no cable expert but my guess is it's not related to the cable. The one cable should handle all jobs without any issues.
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    Folders reverting to read-only

    It sounds like you know how to change file attributes. You sound like your computers might be on a network? Please try looking at how to share files and folders over a network.
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    Lock screen sign in process

    Hello, I doubt Windows has an option for altering what you're suggesting with the lock screen. It sounds like Windows has just changed the way it handles the images since version 1803. Maybe you could use the Photos app to crop the original image so it appears on the lock screen more...
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    Folder size reported larger than it really is

    Not sure, but it's interesting. Could be just a bug.
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    What game(s) are you playing on your Windows 10 PC?

    Update: I just found the game from the Start menu. It's called MineCraft.
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    What game(s) are you playing on your Windows 10 PC?

    I play mainly Texas Holdem from the old Windows 7 games pack. You can install the Windows 7 games on Windows 10 if you don't like the current selection. I played a very unusual game a while back. I thought it was Minesweeper. But instead of it being like the old Minesweeper, I was an actual...
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    SOLVED Dealing with a stange pop up

    The text that tells you that you need to update your preferences is actually a link. If you click that link it will likely take you through to the setting were you can update your preferences.
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    Use of Windows Mail

    I wasn't aware it was possible to send an email and it not send. Are you using a phone or computer for your email client? It might be that they are just taking a while to send (if you're on computer). Phones are a whole other story. You might not have set it up correctly if it's a phone.
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    SOLVED When Logging in, screen will lock for awhile.

    Hello, It could be many things, but first you should try running some antimalware such as MalwareBytes and see what the results say. Try to keep files on the desktop to a minimum and make sure you have plenty of hard drive space up your sleeve (you can check this from Start > File Explorer >...