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    SOLVED Windows update always fails

    i would run 'chkdisk' to check for bad sectors on the hard disk. Also 'SFC /scannow' to repair corrupted system files, if at all possible, though by what your telling us, the diagnosis looks bad. Last resort is back up anything important to you & reset Windows to a clean fresh slate. all the best
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    How to create a clean install disc

    Someone gave u the link to Microsofts Installation media. Download it, its a small file, few megabytes size and it will ask u if u want to install Windows 10 on this PC or download an .Iso to use on another PC. Choose download for 'another PC' option. Then u just choose which Windows u want...
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    Enable Cortana when u dont live in U.S.A

    This article has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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    Enable Cortana when u dont live in U.S.A

    Cortana in windows 10 is available to some countries by default & will be rolling to other countries slowly. Most however cannot use Cortana. If you happen to be the unlucky ones, all is not lost. Here is a quick & simple method to enable Cortana voice & search without any registry or system...
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    my 'Mouse' wakes my PC from sleep... why?

    will try it...thankyou man for ur advice
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    my 'Mouse' wakes my PC from sleep... why?

    Hi all... i don't want my mouse or touch-pad to wake my laptop from sleep when it gets triggered, I have been to 'mouse settings' & unchecked the part about waking up PC' & i hit apply & OK but no good. Now the touch-pad wont wake it up but my bluetooth mouse still does it. I'm at a lost as to...
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    Too many items on Start Menu

    remember, whatever u choose to delete is still in ur PC. U have not un-installed it. Delete it and only the shortcut to the program is gone temporarily. Those shortcuts u can get back if u change ur mind in the future.
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    Too many items on Start Menu

    U can delete any folders u dont want to apps from the list in File Explorer (only deleting the shortcuts). U gotta go into ur hiden 'AppData folder in a place like C:\users\YOUR USERNAME\appdata\roaming\Microsoft/Windows/start menu\programs & c:\Programdata\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs...
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    Which Windows 10 Anti-Virus?

    Its best to use the built in app of any OS, be it music player or antivirus. But i know Defenders come last in the Lab scores time n time again, BitDefender & Kaspersky always on top for years straight now. I used to have Total Security 2015 but with Windows 10, i uninstalled it cuz its such a...
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    Best thing u found out Cortana can do...?

    Google & Siri does it, its the nature of the beast. They gotta improve this thing or its gonna get relegated to a hidden setting somewhere deep in he OS. But the more info it collects, it learns n gets better. All those scare mongers saying talking about invasion of privacy or big brother...
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    Which Windows 10 Anti-Virus?

    Anyone can give me a link to where it say's windows 10's Defender has improved from windows 8? i hope M$ has made changes to make it close to other antivirus in prevention & protection, but unless i read something from Microsoft themselves, i'm not convinced...
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    norton & windows 10

    My antivirus suite got turned off after the upgrade from 8.1 . Now im back with windows defender. I had BitDefender 2015 TotalSecurity before. Most people will just use the built in Defender, but my question is... is it better than Defender of windows 8/ microsoft Security Essentials ??? is a...
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    has Windows Defender improved in Windows 10?

    I was thinking if windows Defender is better than windows of old. I know it was identical in windows 8 to microsoft Security Essentials of windows 7. In the reviews of previous windows, windows Defender wasn't that good at prevention & protection against malware & they recommended using a third...
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    The Windows Store?

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    windows store

    That likely means a problem at their end, not ur computer. Maybe too many ppl on the site, so its over-loaded. Wait a day or two. Should be fine once the 'rush' passes :)