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    HTTP 404 error Microsoft Edge can't find this page

    I use for my emails and recently I have been unable to download attachments and I get the message in the title of this thread. Any suggestions? Louie
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    Outlook Email - Can't See Photos Attached

    When viewing email messages with .jpg files in the message I can not see the photos unless I do a "Reply" and then I can see them. This has only happened in the past 3 weeks, since an automatic update "enhanced" my Outlook experience. Prior to that, everything worked fine. Any suggestions? Louie
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    SOLVED Can't connect to Group Policy Client service

    It was the restore. I followed Trouble's suggestion: clicked on the restore point with a date before the problem started and restored that version. No problems since.
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    Windows Couldn't connect to the Group Policy Client Service.

    I hope you guys can discover the cause of this problem. Trouble's suggestion worked for me back in 9/2015, and the problem never reappeared. I quick-kicked back to a previous restore point (that fixed the problem) and a couple of months ago I updated to the latest Windows10 build (still no...
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    Group Policy Client Service failed to connect message.

    I had a similar problem back on 9/12/2015. See "Can't connect to Group Policy Client service" in "Windows 10 Support." You seem to be far more adventurous than I am. I didn't try to chase-down and fix the problem, I followed Trouble's advice: drop back 5 yards and quick-kick to a previous...
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    SOLVED Can't connect to Group Policy Client service

    I started this thread on 9/14/2015 and since following Trouble's suggestion I have not had the problem again. My PC is constantly being updated for Windows 10 and other software, and I have not changed my use of the PC, but the problem has not reappeared. What a mystery! I did update...
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    SOLVED Can't connect to Group Policy Client service

    Well, Trouble, this is the second time you've bailed me out. Thanks a lot; your suggestion worked. Do you have any idea what might have caused the problem? Is this just a mysterious Windows thing that might reappear tomorrow or next year or never? Thanks again, Louie
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    SOLVED Can't connect to Group Policy Client service

    On 9/12/2015 I was able to log into my non-administrator (user) account. Today, 9/14/2015, I get the message: "Windows couldn't connect to the Group Policy Client service..." How can I fix this so I can log into my user account?
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    How to add a web page to favorites bar

    Thanks, Trouble; I had tried what you suggested but was not pushing the "Add" button. BTW, your message says "start" but of course you mean "star" I think. Thanks again!
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    How to add a web page to favorites bar

    I converted to win 10 from 8.1 and my favorites bar came over to Edge okay. How do I add a web page to the Favorites bar? I can still delete from the favorites bar but the old add to favorites button seems to be missing.