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    GDP partitions and hard drive docking stations

    I have an Old Rosewill rx-RU300 docking station. I have been using an 8TB hard drive in it even though rated at 3TB. The drive was partitioned as 2TB and 2 others used as a system image and the other as a backup. I bought a new Sabrent docking station supposedly rated up to 10TB. The drive is...
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    Office 2013 fail to open after program fix in Windows 10

    I was have issues with Microsoft office 2013 so decided to do a program recovery using the change option. After reinstalling and entering the correct keys I often have problems opening the applications. I may have to try 3 or four times and occasionally I get a notification to open in safe mode...
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    Microsoft programs pinned to task bar don't always open

    I ham having a problem with opening Microsoft office 2013 pinned to the task bar. Often the task fails and I have to try multiple times I do not open in safe mode. This started to happen after I did a repair to the Office programs.
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    Windows incomplete shutdown or sleep

    I have been having an issues with shutdown or sleep. Quite often when I shutdown or choose sleep, the screen will go black immediately but the computer will keep running and there is an indication that my WIFI connectivity remains active. All my applications are closed unless trying to sleep. I...
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    SOLVED Stripped drive going bad

    :)Update: I got brave. I shut down my computer and unplugged the stripped drives. Then I booted and renamed the copy of the stripped drive with the stripped drive the same as the old stripped drive and changed users to the user on the copied drive. It did work. Some of the files that I didn't...
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    SOLVED yesterday I thought I did away with having to use a password to get onto my computer

    I realize that a pin or a picture can be used but according to the instructions I read, you must use a 6 digit passcode. Did you add the picture with the intent of obtaining access to your computer? If so did you define the gestures on the picture and if so do you remember them?
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    SOLVED Stripped drive going bad

    I have a desktop computer which besides a SSD boot disk, I have 4 1TB drives which are stripped. Lately every time I reboot I go through a scan process and repair of that stripped disk. I have moved my user profiles to that drive some time ago but a user folder with little information remains on...
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    Latest office update 15.0.4849.1003 causes a problem with the word editor for Office 2013 64 bit

    More investigation appears that it is not a problem with the update. Tried another version with the same results. It appears that if you insert a manual break at perhaps a + sign immediately followed by other characters which include ">" additional manual breaks occur spontaneously. If after the...
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    Latest office update 15.0.4849.1003 causes a problem with the word editor for Office 2013 64 bit

    When using the equation editor for word, If I insert a manual break at a plus or minus sign the use the next character for < and then save the file. When I come back there is also a break at the < sign. I have tried repair quick and full and attempted to revert to an earlier update with no luck...
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    SOLVED Incomplete Windows 10 shut down

    Actually I did that with not much success. It was only when I went to power options and chose maximum performance when everything seems to be working much better. I have not had the system hang when the USB WiFi stopped working. The USB removal and reinsertion works now but I have had the USB...
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    SOLVED Incomplete Windows 10 shut down

    The power option for best performance seems to have solved the problem. Also note that the issue that I had with the USB WiFi suddenly stop working also seems to have been solved. I have only had to remove and insert the USB WiFi once since I have made the change in power options. The previous...
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    SOLVED Incomplete Windows 10 shut down

    Occasionally when trying to shut down windows 10, the screen goes black and it appears that windows has shut down. However, there is still activity on my USB WI-FI and the actual computer hardware continues to run even after 10 minutes. I have to do a reset, bring up windows again and before...
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    high cpu usage Microsoft Search filter host

    I am surprised that this is not a topic of discussion. On my laptop which I migrated from windows 7 to 10, I always have a high CPU usage for Microsoft Search filter host. A search of the internet shows that this is an issue. I have tried to disable with no luck. My next attempt will be a change...
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    Start menu won't work in one of my profiles

    I have generated a new profile that contains most of the features of the one that didn't work. I didn't copy everything. Namely I didn't copy the start folder from the old appsdat/local/windows/start nor some of the packages. I think the effect is that there is a faster startup since not as many...
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    Start menu won't work in one of my profiles

    I have moved a few things out of my old profile that I don't use and stored that stuff on a different drive. I expect that the problem is not with the documents folder or my downloads folder. The problem may be with the desktop folder or with the appdata folder perhaps in the roaming folder