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    Startup problems

    When switching on my computer it tells me an error has occurred and restarts I am then presented with a repair Windows option which does nothing I also have advanced options I have tr ied the command prompt and it gives me an x drive and when I try to get my c drive it says the files are corrupt...
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    Windows 10 update

    I've run reimage several times reported no errors.Then ran windows update from 1703 to 1803 got the same error message "wits end" !!!
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    Windows 10 update

    I've been stopped on the installation with the message winsetup dll corrupt what do I have to do now?
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    SOLVED BT Mail in Edge

    Yes that worked ,well done !
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    SOLVED BT Mail in Edge

    The page displays " Hmm cannot reach this page"
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    SOLVED BT Mail in Edge

    Yes it worked in" Chrome"
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    SOLVED BT Mail in Edge

    I cant login to btmail the help advisor said EDGE was the problem what gives?
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    Printer problem

    I have a Epson stylus photo rx500 printer and after various trials and tribulations I have finally got windows 10 to recognise it however when I try to print a test page it says "error" any ideas what is happening?
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    Sound Query

    I would like to play music via link from my ipad2 to my daw How do I do this?