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    external hard drive no longer appears in My Computer

    Hello, My external hard drive, USB, which worked previously, no longer appears in My Computer. What can I do to get it back? Thanks
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    Strategy for recovering as much data as possible in Win10

    I've managed to screw up my Win 10 installation so that some things work and some don't, some data is there and some isn't, and some opens and some doesn't. By this I mean that I have data files which I can open and others of the same sort that I can't open. I have no system backup but an...
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    Mysterious desktop problems

    Thanks for the comments Bighorn. I've looked in C:\Users and it isn't there. I'm pretty sure it used to be. I don't seem to be able to move it there or copy it there. I don't think it belongs on the desktop but have no idea what to do.
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    Mysterious desktop problems

    Today the icons for the things on my desktops had been changed overnight and in several cases were the wrong ones. Guessing that a reboot might help, I rebooted and found that there was a Win 10 update waiting to be installed. I installed it and the icons became normal again. But now on the...
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    E_IO_CANNOT_OPEN - Adobe Digital Editions

    I'm trying to install Adobe Digital Editions on my Win10 computer. I get the error message E_IO_CANNOT_OPEN. I learned that this occurs because a certain temp folder in my Win 10 is read only. In fact, when I look, this temp folder isn't there at all. So I create it. Same problem. I look again...