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    Windows Live Mail

    I have tried your suggestion but I do not see WLM as an installed program to select it and is not obvious to me what I should do to be able to access it?
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    Windows Live Mail

    Hi my PC updated at the end of 2017 since then every time I start WLM I have to go through a series of actions to get my set up back ie hit View>compact view>select a folder open a message in folder>select green cross>I see all my folders are ticked select OK >click compact view and bingo all my...
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    SOLVED Incomplete start up

    Hi I have a problem with 10 in that it sometimes doesn't boot up completely all seem well until you try to access the start window it wont work neither does Cortana a restart using Ctrl Alt Delete sorts it out but why is it doing this in the first place I should point out that all the screen...