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    1. Mister Rat
      Mister Rat
      I can't thank you enough for excellent article concerning Event ID 10016. It's perfect in every way.
    2. Dale Holden
      Dale Holden
      HI Regedit32 great article on Event ID 10016 - DistributedCOM still got a hiccup with one of them if you get chance would be grateful if you could have a browse at my posts :)
    3. Ian
      Just read the new article - fantastic! :D
      1. Regedit32
        Thanks Ian. I've uploaded the two scripts now.

        I may upload a REG version for people who prefer to merge to Registry. I'll see what the community request in that regards.
        Oct 19, 2016
        Ian likes this.
    4. Happy Gil
      Happy Gil
      Just want to thank you for your replies. Even though I have not yet resolved fixing my
      Sub Menu "Rich Text Document" issue, I am confident that I can get it done, once again
      Thanks, I'am going to continue re-doing your prior instructions to see if something will
      kick in, I've followed everything you told me to do.

      Happy Gil
    5. Amanda Kemp
      Amanda Kemp
      Thanks for your warm welcome . Hope the info is helpful
    6. peterdoe
      On a reboot, I have multiple user accounts but they do not show up under the control panel option. Somehow my personal email was listed as the user and my email password was required to boot into the desktop. The question is how do I remove all the accounts except the 1 that I want and need?
    7. Robert Corrie
      Robert Corrie
      Thank You very much Regedit32 Rob Corrie
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