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    How to open Windows 10 start menu on mouse click, not on release??

    Technically a mouse click is defined by a single mousedown event, followed by a mouseup event. What you are describing would be a Mousedown event, not a mouse click. Are you meaning this, or are you confusing this with a single mouse click ( as opposed to a double-mouse-click ) opening a file...
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    SOLVED Windows 10 & Hook Scripts

    The AppContainer environment is a form of sandboxing an application to prevent malicious execution of scripts or other code. If your OpenVPN is setup within an AppContainer, then you'll need to authorize the associated SID's you intend to access you application. There is documentation on this...
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    Printers/Devices applett mission icons

    Interesting issue you had there. I'm curious as to what affected the Registry in the first place, for you to need to add Devices and Printers to This PC in order for the installed devices icons to appear via Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers Re using the 32-bit or...
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    SOLVED Windows 10 & Hook Scripts

    I'm not sure what you meant here. However, Error #1 is telling you the User DESKTOP-FP9UVBJ\david SID (S-1-5-21-772083243-123503260-1006230852-1001) does not have adequate permissions set for the COM Server application RuntimeBroker. You set those via Component Services: Press WinKey + R to...
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    Getting rid of coding in copied document

    I'm not familiar with the website you mentioned, however what you are seeing in your documents is markup language which is how documents are formatted. Depending on what software you are reading these documents in, there ought to be a setting in that software to not display markup languages...
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    turning off the splash screen

    Well if Comcast are giving you Norton you might as well keep that. It costs a bit each year normally, so if you're getting it for free effectively make the most of it I guess.
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    turning off the splash screen

    You should be able to remove Spybot Search & Destroy via the Windows Settings > Apps dialog: Right-click on Start and select Settings Select Apps From the list of installed apps select Spybot Search & Destroy by a single-left click then click Uninstall How many security apps have you got...
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    CPU at 100%

    I agree with Trouble on this. I think AMD are using OverDrive technology, but happy to be corrected as hardware is not really my thing.
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    turning off the splash screen

    I'm not personally convinced there is any real benefit in disabling the Splash screen, so I'll skip past that aspect of your post and move on to the scanner.dmp issue instead. If you actually have Bitdefender installed and operating on your computer, then there is an official patch provided by...
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    Thinkpad 10 tablet keeps supplying usb power even when switched off??

    Can you clarify something regarding your efforts in Device Manager please. When you go into Device Manager, and expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers, then right-click on the USB Root Hub entries and select properties, and now select the Power Management tab, are you removing the check...
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    Pictures become blank in Office 2010

    Can you clarify one thing please. Are you editing images then saving to a folder, but finding if you open the folder, some files are fine, but you see other files that appear as a blank icon, and cannot be opened to view the image? Or are you editing an image already embedded into a Office...
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    Change Drive Numbers

    Disk Numbers are assigned based on your motherboard ports and which port the Drive is plugged in to. So other than changing the port you attached your drives to, that won't be possible. When your BIOS loads it starts from Disk 0 and steps through each Disk number until it finds the disk...
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    Legacy dialog fonts too big

    If you cannot find a suitable alternate application then you may have to set up a dual operating system, and use the older OS when you want to run these older applications. Out of curiosity have you tried booting into Safe Mode and running these applications? In Safe mode Windows uses its...
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    Momentary freezes while typing

    Does your keyboard have some batteries in it? If yes, you may need to put some fresh ones in.
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    Hard Disk Trashed: Need to start new

    You can download the Windows 10 ISO file here: If you go to the Articles section on our Forum you'll find articles on how to download an ISO as well as how to create a bootable pendrive to install it onto a hard drive, etcetera.