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    Browser wars continue

    To each his own indeed. Cheers.
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    Browser wars continue

    Note even if you paid me.
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    Just LOVE Classic Shell

    Oh absolutely, Classic Shell is an absolute must. It's the first thing I install. Mind you, I still use the taskbar from win xp.....:D
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    Getting the windows 8 Modern start menu back in Windows 10

    I'm the most curious guy around. I couldn't wait to get my hands on 8. It was only after I had it in front of me, and saw first hand for my self what was what did I sour on it, totally. I absolutely love to have the latest and greatest, but I steadfastly refuse to sacrifice logic and...
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    Getting the windows 8 Modern start menu back in Windows 10

    Quite obviously you're a very smart fella, but that metro stuff stands for everything I oppose,(in a home computer desktop environment that is...) Cheers...
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    SOLVED Destroy Windows 10 Spying ?

    Although I do have an S5, I really only use it as a phone, and fore emergency browsing via Palemoon.
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    SOLVED Destroy Windows 10 Spying ?

    Peerblock will tell you if it is blocking anything. So, at least in theory, if no blocks are being made, means no attempts to communicate, means all spyware is disabled. There are other things, like network analyzers that monitor network traffic, but I never use them. All spyware that we know...
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    SOLVED Destroy Windows 10 Spying ?

    Well, never using metro crap is easy, just don't do it.(why would anyone anyway..??) Blocking is easy, as more and more apps arrive to achieve just that. Shutup10 The afore mentioned destroy windows spying Ashampoo anti-spy Spybot SpyBeacon Peerblock, with a specific list Block searchui.exe...
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    New builds won't stop

    I have update completely disabled. No new builds will be installed until I'm sure various anti-spyware will still function.
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    Which Windows 10 Anti-Virus?

    Using Avast Premiere. The firewall does a good job blocking many unwanted ms spyware crap, and the footprint seems light.
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    SOLVED Destroy Windows 10 Spying ?

    In fairness, they are not exactly an unknown entity. That said, I did not use that one. I'm using O&O Shutup10, in conjunction with a good firewall. In all honesty, I can't imagine why anyone would let microsoft get away with this spyware riddled mess. The only way to affect any sort of change...
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    Well, my win10 looks and feels like my win7, just a little snappier on my amd fx-8350, all except for the task bar thing at the bottom, which still looks and functions like winXP. But what pain to defeat all the spy crap...
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    Best thing u found out Cortana can do...?

    Best thing I found out about cortana....?? How to completely disable it by blocking "searchui". Sorry, but it's utter garbage, imho.
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    Windows 10 And Your Privacy

    That's a horrible attitude. If everyone took that attitude, we'd all be using win8.... Ya wanna force change...?? Do NOT use ANY metro apps.... that's one of ms's main ways their gonna make money off 10. Hit them where it hurts, they'll listen.
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    Firewall problems

    After experiencing issues with eset, I have switched to Spyshelter firewall. 14 day trial, and a "lifetime" license option. So far, I like it a lot....