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    HD And Sleep Mode Questions ?

    Hi, Just wondering. Have a W10 pc Desktop. Is there any evidence or studies that show that actually putting the pc to sleep, where the HD actually stops spinning, increases the life of the HD ? Was wondering if stopping the spinning, and then starting up again (not good), wipes out any...
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    Won't Come Out Of Sleep-Mode Problem ?

    Hi, Thanks for suggestion. Will take a look at. Regards, stay well, Bob
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    Won't Come Out Of Sleep-Mode Problem ?

    Hello, Always something new, I guess. Never had this before. Couldn't wake up my HP W10 desktop pc from sleep mode, which I have it set to sleep each night automatically after I go to bed. Hp desktop pc, was on, but no display on the monitor. Sometimes, a small diamond shaped icon would show...
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    Search App/Program suggestions ?

    Hi, Might anyone suggest a really good Search App or Program. Hopefully free or inexpensive. My Mac has really good ones, but the one on the bottom of the screen in my W10 "Type here To Search" is really poor in my opinion. Would like one that is easy to use, and really "digs deep" Any...
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    Windows Defender Questions Re Setup

    Hello, Am setting up Windows Defender for the first time. Very confused over what settings I want to make in it. if someone could help me out a bit with it, would be appreciative. I have typical home use. Just Comcast, which handles all my internet, etc. So, I seem to have: Private...
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    Sleep Mode Problem: Suggested Cure ?

    Hi, Thanks for all the hints. Will try them all. Appreciate the help. Best regards, Bob
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    Sleep Mode Problem: Suggested Cure ?

    Hi, Thanks. Will try. Appreciate the help, Bob
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    Sleep Mode Problem: Suggested Cure ?

    Hello Wolfie, Doesn't seem like I have anything Intel. All seems to be AMD. No Intel Management Engine, etc. Was hoping there might be something equiv., so I could try the suggested cure, as I outlined above. Regards, Bob
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    Sleep Mode Problem: Suggested Cure ?

    Hello, The previous thread on this problem is pretty long, so thought I'd start anew. Concerning the problem I have, and apparently many others, of my HP Pavililion desktop not entering sleep mode (fan keeps working) after a recent MS update Absolutely convinced pc is Not going to sleep...
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    Setting Global Folder Permissions ?

    Hi, Spent a lot of time trying to get a program to run, before I was smart enough to check and notice that it was Read Only apparently. Program req. writing to it. So, I changed Permissions, etc. for it, and all fine now. Question: Would like to avoid this in the future. Is there a "Global"...
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    Two "Desktops" In File Explorer: Differences ?

    Hello, When going to File explorer: Might someone please explain to me the differences between: Windows (C:) and the Folder Desktop that appears there, and the Desktop (icon ?) that appears right below "This pc" They seem to show different items. Never noticed this before, and realize I...
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    For Any Google Earth Users: Photo Saving Format Question

    Hello, Have saved some photos from Google Earth Pro to pc. It seems that it saves them "automatically" as .jpg Any way of saving them to a .kml format, which a program I'm using seems to require ? Thanks, Bob
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    Removing AVAST (Can't) ?

    Hi Thank you, Bob
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    Removing AVAST (Can't) ?

    Hi, Thanks for help; appreciate it. Not too sharp with this "stuff". Where do i go (W10) to check or change my User to be sure it's set to having Admin Rights, etc. ? Thanks again, Bob
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    Removing AVAST (Can't) ?

    Hello, Trying to totally remove all of my AVAST free software as I "think" it is preventing correct installs of some new programs. Won't let me do it, as a msg comes up saying Administrator Required. How do I do it, please ? Thanks, Bob