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    MBR to GPT

    Great link, saved it for the future :) But as usual, don't fix what ain't broken ;)
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    SOLVED Should I Use the DELL Clean Install or Windows TEN

    Just do a clean install, drop all the Dell crap, its just taking space and slowing puter down. At win10 install, choose to remove every partition on the OS disk, then create a new fresh one for your OS.
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    Slow boot - All the expected fixes didn't work

    I have replaced the OS disk in all my PC:s, using SSD in them now. The speed difference is incredible compared to the old disks. A 240Gb SSD disk is not that expensive any more, and there are freeware programs to use to clone your old disk to the new SSD.
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    Mystery HD partitions...

    Agree, EPM is the best :) But my hard drive was so messy that I gave it up and reinstalled the OS
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    Windows Search not working, Start Menu corrupted

    I had similar issues with my wifes PC. I restarted it with a recovery CD and chosed to go back to the last restore point. That solved the strange behaviour. So if you have a restore point to revert to, try that :)
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    Mystery HD partitions...

    Had about the same mess on my hard drive, did a clone of the OS disk as backup, wiped the OS disk and did a clean reinstall of the OS. Seems like you have one smaller SSD disk, is your current OS disk SSD as well? If not, why not use the smaller SSD disk as OS disk and then use your "slower"...
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    Unable to start Windows Firewall

    This is a very good article describing how to remove viruses/trojans/malware from a Win PC Remove Viruses, Trojans & Malware from Windows PC (Free Guide) Some months ago i got a very serious infection on my home network, 3 PC:s affected ... I followed the steps described and it sure saved my...
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    My Computer Won't Upgrade From 7 to 10

    Try this link, might be useful, it sure saved my day :)
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    SOLVED Reinstall Win10 PC with multiple Win10, 64bit + 32bit

    Marked this as "Solved". I skipped the dual boot and went for a single Win x64. Most of the old applications works fine with different settings for the compability mode :)
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    I have attempted an In-Place Upgrade to W10 from W7 five times without any success.

    Hi, this is a very useful link if you wanna upgrade from a valid version win7 to a genuine win10, and all still for free. Did it some weeks ago on an Win7 PC that hadn't been used for 3-4 years, and it works :)
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    SOLVED Reinstall Win10 PC with multiple Win10, 64bit + 32bit

    Thanx a lot "Regedit32" ... you must have put in a lot of time to create your answer ... rly appreciate your answer. Also thanx to "Snuffy". Actually I also have noted that the compability mode install/exec on x64 seems to work really good. I thought this over, and I will first do a serious...
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    SOLVED Move Windows 10 installation to another drive on the same computer

    Agree 100.00%, its pure insane that you cant have the option to decide what to erase and where to put the OS when starting the reinstallation. So I bet MS reason for this is that they think users don't understand what to do with those options. True, but how hard can it be to have the default...
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    SOLVED Reinstall Win10 PC with multiple Win10, 64bit + 32bit

    Hi! We have an older PC running two versions of Win10, 64bit and 32bit. This also means that this PC has dual boot, so when it starts you choose which version of Windows you will start. Reason for having both 64 and 32 bit is that my wife is running some older games that don't work on 64bit...
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    SOLVED "Potential Windows Update database error detected"

    I gave up on this and did a reinstall of my laptop, works fine after that :) Actually I think Win10 troubleshooter did a repair of the database, but there must have been something else causing this issue.
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    SOLVED "Potential Windows Update database error detected"

    Hi! I have a laptop with win10 Home 32bit that refuses to update from 1803 to the 1903 version. The update fails all the time I try. When I run the troubleshooter for windows update I get the following messages: I think this is correct, I have no other problems with this PC, and I still can...