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    Windows message not enough space

    Is the problem related to a Partitioned Hard Drive at all? I had THAT problem and it could never be resolved. I ended up buying a new PC and trasferring my Files, Programmes and such using an excellent 3rd. Party Application called (what else) "Transfer My PC 8 - with Application Mover"
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    Windows 10 Will BARELY Pick Up Audio Through Microphones

    As an afterthought... I wonder if the Dell unit itself is to blame. My Front Audio Jacks,as I said, are lousy, the multi-Card Reader is absolutely non-functional and Dell have been unable to help at all. Nice Computer, but dreadful Service I'm sad to say.
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    Windows 10 Will BARELY Pick Up Audio Through Microphones

    You're probably right about older Systems - my Dell is 9-11 years old I think. My Son hates wires too, but where he lives he gets dreadful WiFi connectivity and his Bluetooth receive / transmit functionality is atrocious. He begrudgingly pulls out his USB set if he wants to talk to me on Skype...
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    Windows 10 Will BARELY Pick Up Audio Through Microphones

    Oh... BTW... look though I may, I see no such thing as MaxxAudio on this Dell, so I can't relate to the screen shots previously posted. I've checked the Realtek gizmo on my Dell's Soundcard (I suppose) and it has no such interface available.
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    Windows 10 Will BARELY Pick Up Audio Through Microphones

    I also have a DELL Inspiron. (6700 I think) with Logitech Speakers+Sub-Woofer. I tried Headphones with a separate Mic in the front Jacks, and with the on-board (Realtek HDA) I got a lot of static. I switched them to the rear Jacks but the Vol was low - and seemingly no way to boost it. I never...
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    Like you, I use BT as my ISP (and seem to be unable to change it) BT, understandably, cannot be responsible for 3rd Party E-Mail Software (eg Outlook) and always refer me to, and insist that I use their Web-Site Email "Service." My MS Office2010 version of Outlook is riddled with infuriating...
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    Outlook Safe & Blocked Senders Lists

    In Outlook (Office 2010 version) there seems to be no way to access either of the two lists. I constantly have to recall incoming e-mail messages from the Junk Folder, and from there I've marked them as NOT being junk (and it tells me it's added it to my Safe Senders List) but the next time I...
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    Moving individual files from one drive to another

    My old PC Tower (WinXP) self-destructed... but before it finally went I got a new PC with W8.1 I copied regular dataFiles onto a CD or DVD(?) All standard Files but none of the Applications would copy. Then I came across a DVD-programme called (boring name I'm afraid) "TransferMyPC" v8. (from...
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    How to change Windows10 startup sound

    Yes indeed... just what I was expecting (or hoping for) but believe it or else... that BROWSE Button does NOT appear on MY Screen, and neither does the picture that adorned my Screen beforehand. The lack of an OK, Cancel or Apply option Button makes me wonder whether my choice will be saved. I...
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    How to change Windows10 startup sound

    I only found a "Settings" option called "Lock Screen." I've never touched it because I wanted to UNLOCK the Screen... but having chanced it... there's no option to use one of my own pictures. Oh well... it's only visible for a few seconds anyway... so not much point messing with it. As for...
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    How to change Windows10 startup sound

    This used to be SO damned easy in WinXP. I just went to Control Panel> Sounds> and scrolled through the list to either change it or just shut it off (as usual) The same went for E-Mail notifications etc. If you know your way around that MIGHT be an option... I just don't know. I can't FIND a...
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    Importing Outlook Express email files to Windows 10 mail program

    >How can we export the old outlook express files such as folders, email contacts etc. into the new windows 10 mail This question, and a lot of the answers point towards the importance of doing a regular HD Back-Up. Another kick up MY backside to do it more often !! If you've got your old...