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    SOLVED Change from 32 bit to 64 bit win 10

    he first should verify that his system is 64 bit (x64) since x64 can fun a x86 OS while a x86 can not run a x64.
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    Moving License to new computer

    Many Retail License have many activations.... and if you bought the LapTop with then the License is in the BIOS. for what ever version you bought.... FORMAT the HHD and be done with it. Last count my Enterprise License still has just over 1000 more Activations....
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    Version 20H2 install

    99% of failures at the 60% or 85% are due to corruption, MS has a set policy on Clean Restore Health. the first thing to run is always SFC /scannow.... here is a sample of a Restore Health ===================================== Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth Dism /Online...
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    Win 10 ver slow. Reinstall without loosing apps?

    Clean install removes everything, prior to doing all this as suggested above, is go thru all config and disable all not needed, clean the reg of all the bad left overs, then also try a Repair Install. slow is boot is caused by too much crap in STARTUP, and many programs run all the time even if...
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    SOLVED Attempting to recover installation/undoing changes to your computer

    One of these methods should work. This solution is to disable the automatic repair from starting if your computer fails to boot into windows. What you will need - A Windows 10 USB-CD Step 1: Place the CD in your drive and proceed to boot from it Step 2: When the install screen pops up, look...
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    Getting right SSD?

    model do make a difference...
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    Getting right SSD?

    is in the 880-012na 256 GB PCIe NVMe TLC M.2 Solid State Size: 256 GB Interface: M.2 Type: TLC Solid State it can also take a SATA 2TB.
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    Preview Build 20175

    I'd only do a reset to verify, many people have 1 to 3 SOD after, but it is only a temp thing. Restart, after sfc /scannow 2 times is normal fix. Faster than 20170 and 20161 by far...
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    Preview Build 20175

    For those on AMDs the last two IPs have been a REAL PITA. 1. Uninstall all external Drives. 2. Uninstall any and all 3d party Malware, AntiVirus abd Firewalls. 3. Do not use a USB to install with 4. make a new folder called ISO in user\your name\downloads 5. extract the ISO into that folder then...
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    SOLVED Enter Network Credentials

    some times remove and add back works. but I find usually it is a corruption some where, and no idea why network reset did not work. many times a 3d party program rewrites some MS and that causes issues... lastly try a repair install of Windows. also MS often F**s up a working and does for a...
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    SOLVED Enter Network Credentials

    what edition are you on, Home or Pro? either way, try a reset on network. or SFC /scannow to see if some reason your network is corrupted.
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    SOLVED Enter Network Credentials

    MS and the (IMO) stupid reset all net work back to NO , and I have to reset all to share, change password, again, reset Discovery to yes, turn on file sharing and printer sharing, then reinstall (Printer, Fax, Scan). turn on Media Sharing, and check password, since Im a Private Network there is...
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    The old version which failed to work properly is now working as expected. The BUG has been fixed. Download the new version. Install and then make your choice of Linux or WinPE. version is Standard, but works FINE> tested and valided.
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    Preview Build 19042.388 (20H2)

    lets hope it was not offered due to MS bad codding, like 20170. and AMD failures, and some intel systems had major issues with 19042.338. safe not sorry, best of luck
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    Preview Build 20170

    If you are running AMD CPU then it will auto FAIL at about the 80%, this is due to a TERRIBLE CODING ERROR.