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    How do I switch OFF Windows update - Permanently?

    Why not turn it off or disconnect from the internet while you sleep ?
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    SD card Prob

    I've found some microsd cards are just flaky. I've got a lexar 32g that I can't format or change the name, and it has about 3gig of security videos that can't be erased. I can add files and erase them, but not the frozen 3 gig. I've used every tool in the box, including some 3rd party software...
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    SOLVED Schedule USB Backups

    I had my win10 PC set to take an image every Sunday at noon to a backup hard drive mounted in my PC. Go to your control panel backup&restore, you can schedule it from there, it's pretty easy.
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    SOLVED Firefox

    Anytime I've uninstalled programs like Firefox, it always leaves a folder on the C drive, program files x86, Mozilla Firefox. To get a clean install after uninstalling, delete the Mozilla Firefox folder and then reinstall.
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    “Chredge” or “Edgium”

    I notice every time I open Edge now, I get a warning in my Event viewer " event id 10016 source DistributedCOM " . It doesn't matter what site I visit, but it happens on opening. The same thing happens on all our PCs here. The usual gobbledegook specifics, and doesn't seem to be affecting...
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    Create Recovery Drive Problem

    Hi WL, yes my HDD would and did boot and install backed up images. There was nothing wrong with it, just got a good deal on a 500G SSD, so cloned the C drive and a couple other partitions required to run it. The SSD is so much faster, and no moving parts, easy to change out as I've done a couple...
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    Create Recovery Drive Problem

    It takes a while for the PC to prepare the recovery drive files, and in some cases it requires more than 16Gig as the drives are usually less than the number. My original Win 10 config needed a 32G USB drive. I'm sure you have tried a different USB drive if it still doesn't work. Since my...
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    Create Recovery Drive Problem

    Is the drive discoverable if you just plug it in ? Is it the right size ? You need at least a 16G for a 64 bit system.
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    What Can You Load into Win 10 ?

    On our Win 10, I have office XP (2002) loaded to use the versions of XL and Word. Seem to work OK for my use, all formulas still formulating.
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    “Chredge” or “Edgium”

    Chrome extensions work with the new Edge. The Gmail video extension to view email video without having to download them, works great, I'm a happy camper. I've found 1 website it doesn't like, Mydlink, still have to use IE11 or Firefox to view my security cameras.
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    “Chredge” or “Edgium”

    Here's how to change the default search engine
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    “Chredge” or “Edgium”

    I've updated all my PCs to the latest Edge, works great. You can change the search engine to Google or whatever you like, I'm not fussy about Bing.
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    CPU at 100%

    My CPUs shows the same thing on all 4 of our PCs, 100% and then immediately drops to action whatever task is required. No issue that I'm aware of.
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    Virus threat - Warning for all members and guests of our Forum

    Thanks for the Heads up RE32 !
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    How to Re partition SSD drive

    Just to add, if the SSD was used for an OS using the EUFI firmware interface to start the system, you might have an EFI system partition. I've found that this partition can't be erased or formatted using Windows disk management. I have used an old free copy of Easeus Partition Master, and it...