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  1. bldegle2

    blocking email from 'info', the new and ongoing annoyance.

    Well now, spam email is coming through with the tag 'info', but every time the address is slightly different, M$ suggested fix is to add it to the 'blocked sender's' list. The problem is one would have to do that with each info spammola, an endless cycle of madness. Is there any way to just...
  2. bldegle2

    Reinstalling Windows 10

    You should disconnect the win7 drive for the win10 install, that way all the win10 stuff is on that drive, if you install with the other HD/SSD installed, windows will more than likely add some files to that drive, causing all sorts of problems with your dual boot setup...depending on how you...
  3. bldegle2

    Error message: Login Failed "535 5.7.8 Authentication Credentials Invalid (VM300)"

    Could be a hyjack, I have suffered three hyjacks of my email in the last ten years, the first two times it took forever to reclaim, the last one I was able to grab back in about 15 minutes. Might want to check that out....
  4. bldegle2

    Update Tuesday comes and goes

    4 computers, three AMD based, one Intel. AMD updatage to 1909 went smoothly on the three mentioned, Intel updatage is being a MF'r, looooooooong time waiting to complete, I mean really looooong time. Still waiting....Jeesh. No problems with theother units, 1909 is running smoothly on those...
  5. bldegle2

    SOLVED Write protection problems with C drive

    I don't know why, but using Powershell as Admin today I got write protection turned off rather failure. Windows is weird sometimes..
  6. bldegle2

    SOLVED Write protection problems with C drive

    It is a scanner, not a printer. I use the Samsung color laser printer, it works jut fine and dandy.
  7. bldegle2

    SOLVED Write protection problems with C drive

    Yup, but it has been behaving very well except for the write protection problem. Strangely, my office docs and excel stuff are not a problem when editing, updating and saving, just the scanner so far. What gets me is I can not disable the write protection. BTW, used Macrium Reflect to clone...
  8. bldegle2

    SOLVED Write protection problems with C drive

    C drive is 256GB SSD with 130GB still unused, it is the OS drive, D drive is a 480 GB SSD with 372 unused. I also made sure 'enable inheritance' was active. I got around the problem by downloading VueScan X64 (paid for app), it allowed me to scan and save no problem. I did the diskpart, D...
  9. bldegle2

    SOLVED Write protection problems with C drive

    Bit Blocker not enabled, and using Windows defender, no third party app. I also changed permissions, Etc...
  10. bldegle2

    SOLVED Write protection problems with C drive

    No matter what 'fix' I use I can not turn off write protection on my 'C' drive. Tried the following. Disk clean, diskpart, changed registry, tried to remove read only manually, no matter what 'fix' I use, it still remains write protected, done as administrator whenever possible. It basically...
  11. bldegle2

    Screen refresh very slow

    Drive c is at 79%. Is it an SSD? If so, capacity issues may be a contributing factor.
  12. bldegle2

    Automatic repair issue

    have you tried sfc /scannow followed by this, DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth , from either Command Prompt or Powershell (right click run as administrator, either one will work). It will reset everything and may fix your problem...
  13. bldegle2

    scf /scannow

    Strange happenings. Three computers. #1 Main rig, updated in place via MS from win 7 Ultimate 64 bit to Win 10 Pro-----sfc /scannow has come back clean the last three weeks (a new record, woot!) It is a bit old, but still very viable. AMD 8 core 8320 running 4 GHz, 32 gig gskill 2133 ram...
  14. bldegle2

    Home to Pro EZ

    So, I decided to change my product key to upgrade to Pro from Home that came with the new lappy now that I got it dialed tight. Input my valid Win7 Ultimate key from old laptop and let the updating begin. Went really fast, but alas, windows activation was now 'not activated'. Tried the legal...
  15. bldegle2

    SOLVED Windows update loopage

    Is this a hallelujah moment or what? For the first time since in place upgrading from Win7 Ultimate to Win10 Pro I am happy to report that the weekly sfc /scannow came back clean. I have to contain myself.... Hats off to the 5.25" floppy days. Now to figure out how to get Messenger to work...
  16. bldegle2

    SOLVED Windows update loopage

    au contraire, I have been involved with 'puters since the early 80's, first it was main frames in the banking industry, Dos floppies, remote workstation tied to the main frame. First computer was a Packard Hell in the early nineties with XP. Most miserable experience with computer hardware...
  17. bldegle2

    SOLVED Windows update loopage

    Well, this morning I am greeted by a massive update list on the main rig, click update and let it do its thing. I had installed my own Office 2013 off CD, so I expected the updates. It did the normal restart now or later thing. I restarted, no sign of updating or any messages when shutting...
  18. bldegle2

    Permissions after in place upgrade

    Update, it takes a whole lot of time, but each file has to be accessed with a right click, then properties. Look for "this file came from another computer"and check the 'unblock' box, apply, then move on to the next file. This is gonna take some is hit and miss with my files, some...
  19. bldegle2

    Permissions after in place upgrade

    I found an answer here.... Now, the question is, do I have to do this individually with ALL Doxc and Excel files, and how about...
  20. bldegle2

    Permissions after in place upgrade

    Permissions are now screwed up on saved .DOCX in Office. I haven't checked the new Excel spreadsheets made after the in place upgrade, but I have to assume the same problem. I have tried with no success changing permissions as ADMIN. I can work around it, but it is annoying.. Anyone with...