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  1. BigFeet

    SOLVED KB4549951 trying to download and install again.

    KB4549951 trying to download and install again. In update history, it shows as already installed on 4/15. Doesn't do this on any of my other Windows 10 machines.
  2. BigFeet

    SOLVED Factory Reset loop

    I'm trying to do a factory reset on my nieces Acer Cloudbook 14. It gets to Configuring Settings. It goes to 89%, then reboots, then goes back to 64% continuously. I've restarted the process several times, and it loops at the same point. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. BigFeet

    Free Windows 10 Upgrade Ends December 31, 2017
  4. BigFeet

    Free DIRT Showdown (ends Jan 15, 2017 1am et)

    Free DIRT Showdown for limited time on Humble Bundle. (must have Steam to redeem the code)
  5. BigFeet

    SOLVED Securing my network.

    I found someone on my network the other day. I've changed the router password. Since I haven't been thinking straight, does turning off Make This PC Discoverable help secure the PC's on my network (public network with network discovery and and file and print sharing off)? Thank you.
  6. BigFeet

    For those who have to disable fast startup (anniversary update)

    The Anniversary Update resets this to default. Two of my PC's have boot issues with fast startup enabled (which is default). Just know, those who have that issue will have to reset that.
  7. BigFeet

    Officially done with win 10

    All 5 PC are getting reverted back to previous OS's. Until they fix the automatic driver updates, I'm done. I tried every way to block galax touch, touch screen drivers on my tablet, yet they happily install themselves, borking my touch scree. Microsoft is off their rocker. Good luck, guys and...
  8. BigFeet

    Did a system restore.....

    Now the windows store won't open, apps won't open, the settings window closes within seconds. I was able to open the reset app quick enough. We'll see if that works. Otherwise it looks like a clean install.
  9. BigFeet

    Stop forced graphics driver updates?????

    Why can't this be done. I do NOT want the latest driver on all of my PC's until I have thoroughly tested them. If microsoft continues to force these, it's a deal breaker.
  10. BigFeet

    KB3074667 refuses to download

    Anyone else have this issue? I've had issues with updates sitting at 0% for hours, but usually a reboot will kick start it.
  11. BigFeet

    Desktop icons

    When I first boot the PC, the icons are way to big. When I reboot, they go back to the size I selected (small icons). No matter what I do they will not go back to normal size until I reboot. This has been an issue since 10049. A google search finds nothing on this issue. Any help would be...