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  1. Ian

    Videos not playing

    I've moved your questions to a thread of their own @Mothie, so that we can best help :). Do you have any adblock software installed or a 3rd party antivirus with ad blockers as part of it? Sometimes they can block CDNs and domains which are used for both advertising and video players, so can...
  2. Ian

    Lots of Websites down!

    It should be fixed now, it was due to a problem with a company called "Fastly" that powers lots of big sites: If you're still having problems, it may be something...
  3. Ian

    Windows 11 Forums

    Oh yes, well spotted - this is now fixed! Thanks for letting me know :). I need to work on the site some more tomorrow to get things working fully, but e-mails are now working as expected.
  4. Ian

    Windows 11 Forums

    As you may have heard, it looks like Windows 11 will be announced on the 24th June 2021. I've created a new forum for anyone interested in following the developments and seeing what the latest news will be: Hope to see some of you on there!
  5. Ian

    Lots of Websites down!

    If you're getting "connection failure", "Error 503 Service Unavailable", "Service Unavailable" or "Guru Mediation" errors when visiting websites this morning, it looks like there's a HUGE problem with a CDN (content delivery network) which underpins the backend of lots of websites. This means...
  6. Ian

    Server Errors?

    I've had an e-mail from a member here saying that they've had some server errors when trying to post a question. Has anyone else here experienced problems with the site in the past few days?
  7. Ian

    BSOD and Then No Sound

    Good that there's no errors with CHKDSK, if there weren't any before you reset, it's likely ok. For the Windows Update problem - first thing I'd do is check your system clock and make sure it's the correct time. It may sound strange, but if it's out, it can sometimes mess with updates. If that...
  8. Ian

    BSOD and Then No Sound

    As you mention a bad disk sector, it may be worth doing a full CHKDSK, with the scan looking for bad sectors. You can run it from the command line using: CHKDSK /r What's the problem with Windows updates, is there an error message? Getting those updates is really important, so seems to suggest...
  9. Ian

    Still learning

    That's great news @Hanselin - really pleased to hear it's up and running :D. Welcome to the forums! How did you find the self-build? Did it go smoothly?
  10. Ian

    Video keeps playing

    I'm not sure I understand the question, could you elaborate a little more and I'm sure we can help :). Is this a problem you have on this site?
  11. Ian

    Just say hello!

    Hi Flo, welcome aboard!
  12. Ian

    SOLVED Hub 3 rejects all passwords current and previous ones.

    If you can't gain access using the supplied password, you might need to reset the router to get the password back to default: However, you'll lose any custom modem/router settings you made, if any (such as custom wifi names, wifi...
  13. Ian

    SOLVED Apps open randomly when idle

    Which apps open, is it often the same ones?
  14. Ian

    Thumbnails of apps in start menu are not showing

    It'll do it automatically even typing it with %username% in place of the actual name, it's treated as a variable that Windows will recognise - handy :D.
  15. Ian

    Thumbnails of apps in start menu are not showing

    It's a hidden folder, but if you manually type it (or paste it) in to the Windows explorer address bar, it'll take you there :). Or, you can change your options to show hidden files/folders.
  16. Ian

    No email notifications

    If you've got an e-mail, I guess it's working ok now :).
  17. Ian

    Thumbnails of apps in start menu are not showing

    Another thought. If that fails, you could try rebuilding the icon cache. You'd need to navigate to : C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer Then, delete all files beginning with iconcache. Then reboot and see if it's fixed.
  18. Ian

    Thumbnails of apps in start menu are not showing

    Interesting problem! It might be worth running the app store troubleshooter and see if it comes up with anyway. Just search for "troubleshoot app" on the start menu, then click the "find and fix problems with Microsoft store apps" link. Out of interest, have you restarted your PC to see if...
  19. Ian

    No email notifications

    Hi @inphoenix, thanks for letting me know. Can I please check that your e-mail address is correct on this page: It looks like you're set up to receive e-mail updates and I can't see any bounces. I wonder if they've ended up in your...
  20. Ian

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year everyone - let's hope we're turning a corner with covid19!