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    Windows driver does not stick

    On Windows 10, when I update a driver, and then restart, it changes it back to the old driver. Why? How to force it to keep a specific driver?
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    PC does not wake from Sleep Mode

    Windows 10 x64 desktop BIOS legacy. Fresh reinstallation of Windows, but the PC cannot wake up after it has fallen asleep, no matter what settings I use in the Power Settings. I have set the PC screen to sleep after about 1hour, and the Disks to sleep after 4 hours. After the disks go to sleep...
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    AMD Driver Issue

    Hello fellow technicians. I installed a fresh Windows 10 64-bit, and everything works except the video driver. There are 3 video drivers to choose from, the Windows Generic video driver, the AMD driver 1, and the AMD driver 2 that I manually downloaded from the HP site. The generic driver works...
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    Web Certification

    My job requires me to access a secure part of their website. To access this part of their website I must have certificates. I downloaded and installed the certificates, and it says it has successfully installed them, but when I go to the secure part of the website it does not work.
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    Web Certificate does not work

    Hello, I need help troubleshooting a special connection with an institution. I am not a web expert. I need to install web certificates to access a specific website for an institution. I have read 3 of their manuals for how to do this, but I have been unsuccessful. I have contacted their...
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    Alienware has blank screen!

    Hello, I have an old Alienware, it could be Model X51, and it is from approximately 2015. a small skinny desktop shape. It turns on, with very loud fans, but I have pluged almost all video cables into it, and the screen is blank. I am using a well tested perfectly working monitor. I have tried...
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    User Account Missing?

    Hello, I am on Windows 10, and I performed a Windows Update, and then after the computer restarted, my user account was empty, all my personal files are gone, nothing in the documents, desktop, downloads. It appears my user account is now missing. I performed a system restore, but it only...
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    Zoom Magnification

    On the Zoom Client application, I would like to alter the video feed that I am sending to other human0ids. I would like to zoom-in, to magnify the video feed that they are receiving of me. How do I magnify what my camera is sending them? I do not need to magnify what I am receiving, only what I...