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  1. bassfisher6522

    Razer users

    Are there any Razer product users on here......??????
  2. bassfisher6522

    Here's a question

    Why doesn't MS allow a full format of a SSD/HDD when one wants to do a clean install? It will only allow the "quick" format. Unless I'm missing something....because I sure can't find it. This is only for a single SSD/HDD scenario.
  3. bassfisher6522

    Safely remove notice

    Since the latest MS update on patch Tuesday of March 9, I've noticed that the safely remove notification and sound is gone. The Icon is there, and it works.....I just don't see the "it's ok to remove device" now notification. Then I do disconnect the USB device (drive docking station), no...
  4. bassfisher6522

    8 to 8.1 to 10

    My daughters laptop is 5 years old. It came with windows 8. I want to upgrade it to Windows 10. I have a 8.1 upgrade PK. So If I change the PK on laptop to the 8.1 key.....will that allow me up update to 8.1. If it does, then I can upgrade from 8.1 to 10. Will this work?
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    I don't know what prompted me to check this, BUT, I did a system reset keeping data. Done and went well. So I check for the usual windows.old folder and something said......delete it. So I right clicked it and selected delete. HOLY CRAP! It worked. So in 20H2 we can now delete said file as we...
  6. bassfisher6522

    Screen saver

    Anybody still use this function? I just tried it. While it works, it doesn't work correctly. I have a particular background picture I use. When setting up the screen saver and click preview. My background picture is shown and the screen savers (bubbles) works correctly. I leave it (PC) to it's...
  7. bassfisher6522

    Meet Now

    What the heck is this "Meet Now" crap that's showing in the notification area? I see it's part of Skype. How to turn this crap off?
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    I just a clean install of 20H2. Then did all my problems. Then I went and got the desktop version of Skype. Trying to sign in I get error message "user name has been turned off". So now I can only use skype if I sign in with my MS account. MS is really starting to piss me off with...
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    How do we get windows 10 to open/use HEIC file format?
  10. bassfisher6522

    Preview CU update

    What the heck is a "preview CU update KB4580364"? We now have preview's listed as an optional update but still. I'm not an insider or change any settings to allow any preview updates. So what gives?
  11. bassfisher6522

    2nd Gen RTX

    2nd RTX is here.....have a look at this....well worth it.
  12. bassfisher6522

    Patch Tuesday

    Don't forget it's Patch Tuesday!
  13. bassfisher6522

    windows 10 mail app

    I'm using the windows 10 built in mail app. I have recently removed/deleted an account from the mail app. So why am I still receiving emails for it. Specifically a MS email stating I have to update my credentials for it. Which doesn't actually say what email account it's coming from.
  14. bassfisher6522

    Network card

    I need an aftermarket network card....PCI or PCIe. Any suggestions as to personal preferences for brands and drivers.
  15. bassfisher6522

    Windows 10 drivers

    Does anybody know how to stop windows 10 from downloading and installing drivers?
  16. bassfisher6522

    Chrome feature

    Wow....what a nice feature in chrome. So there is a thread on this forum that is in Portuguese (I didn't know it was in Portuguese) about a BSOD. When I clicked on the thread topic, it opened up and I was presented with this foreign language and a popup in chrome that said Portuguese/English...
  17. bassfisher6522

    Fast boot

    To use fast boot or not to use fast boot? Windows by default has this enabled. So why do I see a lot of chatter about disabling this feature and why?
  18. bassfisher6522

    Export user name/passwords in new edge

    Is it possible to export user names/passwords to the desktop or anywhere for that matter like you can do in chrome?
  19. bassfisher6522

    New gaming/office area

    Here's my new digs on full display.... Well that's a first....seems all of a sudden my images are to large. So I can't post any pictures now
  20. bassfisher6522

    My new setup

    Here's my new gaming/office area....take a close look at my drink, Vanilla Crown over 6 cubes. It has it's own bling. I'm still waiting on a few items....chair, a new headset (gave my son the Kraken 7.1 V2 I just got), and headset stand. But here it is.