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    SOLVED Computer Management Services

    Hi everyone, I have a Lenovo Ideapad 310-15isk running Windows 10 Pro (version 1909). My initial problem being when I turned it on there was no "wi-fi" or sound !!!!!!!!! Ran the troubleshooter, but nothing was found to be problematic. Went to Computer management Services and found majority...
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    4Gb RAM Installation

    Hi, Having Installed an additional 4Gb of RAM, being, "RAMAXEL PC4 RMSA3230KE68H9F-2133" but isn't recognised when I use "HWINFO64" or "SPECCY" !!!! The only RAM recognised is the one attached to the Motherboard. Installed a differant identical 4Gb of RAM with the same result as previously...
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    Where is Windows Sandbox?

    Hi, having upgraded my Windows 10 Home 1903 to Windows 10 Pro I cannot find the Windows Sandbox app !!!! According to Task Manager "Virtualization" is enabled. In "Programs & Features", I have checked the box for Windows Sandbox and re-started the system. When I select "Start", Windows Sandbox...
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    Error message when I turn on Laptop

    When I turn on my Laptop I get the following message :- Cannot find file "C:\Programfiles\WindowsApps\ReaderNotificationClient_1.0.4.0_e1redqpraam7r\FullTrustNotifier" Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and regards, John P.
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    SOLVED System Restore Error 0x81000203.

    Hi, Went to do a system restore and found the above error displayed, stating that there was an "unexpected error in the property page", with the "protection settings" empty with the exception of the message "searching". I have a screenshot of the "property page, but don't know how to attach to...
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    Folders empty on Office 2016

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Laptop running Windows 10. Turned on laptop and several Office 2016 folders found to be empty, including "inbox" which had approximately twenty messages in. Would using "System Restore" recover the infomation? Thank you and regards, John P.