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  1. Saltgrass

    SOLVED General safety of file hosting sites.

    I need to download a file from the file hosting site We Transfer. The file is being shared but the site requires a agreement for cookies and Terms of service. I feel a little hesitant about agreeing since I do not know what they may put on my system and I am not a joined user of the site...
  2. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Did today's Update turn on a Feature?

    The update today, Mar 10 KB4540673, seems to have added some type of sharing/connecting capability. I got a blue pop-up window showing ways to maintain connectivity were available that I have not noticed before. I wonder if they are doing 20H1 like they did 19H2 by using CUs to perform the...
  3. Saltgrass

    Changes to Diagnostic data and possible loss of new flights being received.

    I noticed this over on the Microsoft site and saw the line about Diagnostic levels defaulting to a level that might restrict future flight upgrades for a system. Anyway, it might be useful for some...
  4. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Any changes to .esd files preventing mounting with DISM?

    I have been having a hard time mounting a recent Win 10 .esd or .wim file. I keep getting the An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. I don't seem to have a problem mounting Win 8.1 images so I was wondering if recent Win 10 builds have been modified to prevent normal...
  5. Saltgrass

    Can non-Insiders watch the Web Cast on 3/3/20?

    Just wondering if I need to try to find the web cast and if I could watch it, would it be worth it.?
  6. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Servicing Stack update must have been important-2-14-2020

    The servicing stack, KB4524244, on Friday must have some special significance. It was delivered on a Friday and shows up with the normal updates. Seems to be related to a Bitlocker (which I don't use) situation regarding Secure Boot. My system even experienced a BlueScreen about the same time...
  7. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Just got another update, a KB and .Net version. 1/28/2020
  8. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Microsoft Store Freaking out..!

    It appears the Microsoft Store is experiencing some problems. I got an error that one of my long time apps was no longer in my store. Other folks are having similar situations. I wonder what might be causing it? Oh, I know, Y2K !! :eek:
  9. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Anybody have experience with mounting Install.wim images across OSes?

    I am playing with setting up a Win 8.1 WimBoot system. I think I am having a problem because I do not have any 8.1 systems to use for DISM. Do I need the 8.1 ADK/DISM to do such things or should I be able to use a Win 10 ADK or DISM? Thanks..
  10. Saltgrass

    SOLVED New .Net update available 9/26/2019 for 1903

    Strange a .Net CU is available for 1903, KB4522738. I don't yet see anything else available.
  11. Saltgrass

    SOLVED ISO file available for 18363 (19H2)?

    I saw this posted on the Microsoft site but they quickly denied it was the final 19H2 build... Would this release mean anything relative to the new build release...
  12. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Another Friday Update 8/30/2019 KB4512941.

    This one came with some .Net updates and I did not check for a Servicing stack update.
  13. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Just got the Computer is locked messages.

    I was just hanging out with Edge on a Microsoft site and all of a sudden my system starts screaming about how it is locked and don't try to shut it down or restart.. and several popup windows which I could not close. Stopping Edge with the Task Manager stopped all that so hopefully that is all...
  14. Saltgrass

    Anyone with Macrium Reflect can you check something for me?

    It appears Macrium will redirect the location of an important file (WimMount.sys) which is used during the build upgrade process. I understand a fix is coming, but for now, can someone check their registry for the key below and see if yours shows like the one attached? The attachment has not...
  15. Saltgrass

    SOLVED BCDedit /enum no longer works..

    I was trying to check the contents of my BCD store and used the same command I normally used. It appears the command, bcdedit /enum, has no more capability that just the plain Bcdedit command. The bcdedit /v seems to work normally. Am I just seeing something wrong or has someone seen some...
  16. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Another CU and Servicing stack 7/9/2019

    I thought servicing stacks used to come about once every six months. We have been getting quite a few lately, CU KB4507453 18362.239 SSU KB4509096 Plus a .Net CU
  17. Saltgrass

    SOLVED KB4501375 took a long time and after restart, wants to install again.

    This update takes longer than I can remember for prior CUs.. Now it still shows ready to install, so I will wait and see if it catches up to its current situation. The issues addressed are numerous... The .Net update earlier went smoothly. I assume the update had already been released for...
  18. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Anyone see info regarding Azure and malware sites?

    This thread is over at the Microsoft site and set as a sticky. I haven't read all the info but it looks bad for Microsoft's ability to identify bad sites.
  19. Saltgrass

    SOLVED Several updates on 5/14/19 but not Build upgrade..

    Maybe it will come later today and these updates are preparatory , but so far, no build upgrade
  20. Saltgrass

    New Update 5/3/19 KB4495667?

    Is this the one that was released to the Preview ring recently?