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    Since you seem determined to make this political, it is the Chinese virus, just like wine from France is French wine.. If violence was done based on such a statement, perhaps you should put the blame on those who actually incited such violence.. your media..
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    It has nothing to do with blame, but with information. Knowing the truth about the time line of the virus is very important. What was it, in January the World Health Organization stated the virus could not be transmitted human to human.. o_O
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    I heard today, a New York construction worker said his whole crew got sick back in November. Some went to the doctor and were told it was Flu like but not the Flu.. If accurate, this would mean the virus has been here longer than I even thought.
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    You and your son would be good candidates to take the Covid-19 Antibody test. If you don't know, that is a test which shows if your system has developed the antibodies from having recovered from the virus.. I haven't been following the latest news about that particular test so I am not up to...
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    That's old information Wolfie. The virus has been in this country for a while. It probably started when folks from China went home to celebrate a holiday and returned, perhaps early January. There is no way to know how many people in the US have actually had the virus and gotten over it and...
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    I went out to the grocery store today and the traffic seemed to be about normal for the time of day. The only reason I even knew there was a virus threat was about 30% of the customers were wearing masks and there was a shortage of eggs.. I have seen two interviews by folks, one a Democrat...
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    Too weak M2 NVMe performance

    The speed of the drive is very much determined by the driver. Since you can run the Magician software, which I see has an update for me, that means you are running it as NVMe. I don't have your board, but the owner's manual will show what resources are shared. If those connections are...
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    floppy disk 'A'

    It seems what version of Win 10 you are running effects whether you can reset your password or not.. Did you create a Floppy drive for that purpose or did you set that up another way? It seems later Win 10 versions us the Security Questions to allow a password reset, 1803 and later.. No PIN...
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    No Power Plans Available and Can't Create One

    Power Plans are normally associated with Video drivers.. You might try reinstalling or updating those..
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    SOLVED Streaming with Windows Media Player

    Do you have any settings on your system or your router that are meant to control streaming bandwidth, such as QoS? Is anything you are doing related to outside streaming and not only your local network? My network has been slow lately and I have to refresh many of the sites before they will...
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    Windows 10 Insider 19592.1

    Well, no new build this week. Same reason given as was given a couple of weeks ago, a blocker.. They also added some Know Issues to the blog.. I will assume the world situation right now will be slowing things down so new Insider builds and Public build releases, may be delayed..
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    Default view after closing a file in folder

    @davehc The Explorer window never closed.. If he is referring to the document window, you can go to File and get the opening Word screen back. If the OP is referring to the Taskbar, perhaps he is referring to combining buttons and if the Taskbar is full then the buttons will combine.. But I...
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    Default view after closing a file in folder

    @davehc , you understand my post was not meant for you, right. I normally open Word and then open documents. But this time I opened the parent folder, Explorer, and double clicked and opened each document because it looks like that was what the OP was doing... But I could be...
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    Default view after closing a file in folder

    These things are hard to explain and understand, so I will go through what happens with mine. If I open Explorer (parent folder) I show two files in the normal Word saving location. I can open each file in its own window and it does not effect the Parent folder whether I close one or both...
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    Document Icons look different

    I suppose if it were a syncing symbol of some type that the process may have been completed.. Glad it is gone and caused no problems..
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    Document Icons look different

    If you are saying you see the arrows rather than the folder icon, you might open the file's properties and go to the Customize tab. On the bottom it shows what icon the file is using and shows options.. At the top it shows the path to the icon file being used. If you see a path to something...
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    No restore points!

    Open a Run box (Winkey+r) and type in Systempropertiesadvanced and hit enter. It will open the System Properties where you can use the System Protection tab to modify settings.. But they are removed under certain conditions. I do not know if they would be removed if space on the drive was...
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    SOLVED Can't recover PC using System Image BIOS / UEFI conflict.

    Glad you got it straightened out..
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    Document Icons look different

    Could they be OneDrive indications and it needs to update the content?
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    WiFi Network latency spikes over 2 second couple of times a night.

    Could you explain why the 802.3 is included in the device listing?