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    Your connection is not private

    Hello! When you trying to visit some websites (youtube, facebook...) they won't load and I'm getting the error below: Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, bank information or credit cards)...
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    5G vs. NBN

    Hey, I currently live in an area where 5G home broadband is available, is this better/faster than NBN (fttn)?
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    Can anyone tell me 'why chromebook' over windows/linux?

    Hey guys! Let me start by saying that please don't bash me, I just want to understand the real advantage of chrome books over traditional OS'es. I will be purchasing a new laptop in next 2-3 months, so this is why I'm here. We are seeing release of multiple chrome books nowadays, mostly are...
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    External booting and using a laptop with windows 10 preinstalled

    My small memory laptop is preinstalled with windows 10. Now, I have an old model scanner which does not work with this win10. There is no support either from the scanner company, they stopped supporting this old model. I tried searching a lot but failed to get the scanner working. If I boot my...