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    SOLVED How to Automatically open desktop icon?

    Is it possible to open automatically an icon without having to click it than it opens at each start of computer. Is this possible?
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    Gmail sign in.

    How to stop my required to sign in each time that I open Gmail?
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    How to save Net downloads on my computer?

    Selecting a program/software found on the Internet, saving then unable find where saved on my computer under downloads.
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    SOLVED New Edge what is it up to.

    I tried Microsoft Edge and what has happened to it? Well it appears to several adverts. Its back to Google Chrome.
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    SOLVED Task bar now displays in white background.

    How can I revert back to a colour of my choosing?
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    SOLVED Notepad saved file.

    How to find a saved notepad entry in desktop?
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    SOLVED Problem Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device.

    Each time that I click the Safely Remove Hardware and eject media, it now displays a window showing [ *Device is currently in use, Close any programs or windows that might be device ]. In this instance program is Libre Office, this is closed and a restart of computer has no effect at clicking...
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    SOLVED How to write a single page in Libre Office.

    How can I change postings in Libre Office presently saves two page entries, when I require one page entry saved postings.
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    Software Icon can this be clicked open, then close as on a timer.

    Interested if this be possible?
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    SOLVED Hub 3 rejects all passwords current and previous ones.

    Any Virginmedia customers experienced this error? to enter Hubs 3 to change any required settings, now appears to reject any passwords to access entry. This includes eight figure code shown in base of hub. Can any one help or make suggestions in correcting this error. Thanks.
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    I you are having trouble in reading Notifications due to insufficient time showing.

    Notifications set time on screen showing. Start> Settings> Ease of Access> Display> Scroll down to Simplify + Personalise Windows-- now scroll further down to Show Notifications for -- in box [ ^] click it to open + choose time duration on screen required 5secs to 5 Minutes -- close when...
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    SOLVED What has caused Windows Mail not show mail received?

    Opening by clicking Mail icon on Taskbar, no longer show a numerical number at the Account name, number of mail available to be read. I now too require to click the sign in icon.
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    E-mails failure to show as received.

    My Internet Provider has suddenly stopped showing E-mails received that where sent by other providers. Evidently, after a lengthily wait, respective mail is received. Error surfaced a few days ago without any warning. I can however compose an E-mail from this address and send it to another...
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    SOLVED Views on Pegasun System Checker

    Pegasun forwarded via an unsolicited email Pegasun System. I have heard of this software but to its reliability is what I am enquiring about and would be appreciated. Has any member, experienced the pros and cons?
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    SOLVED How to locate saved created restore point.

    I created a System Restore Point, where can this restore be found on the computer.
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    SOLVED How to cancel Start up showing at power up screen. (real nasty one).

    Without any warning at power up, the screen displayed "Start up" and clicking it sent into a repeat loop without any starting computer normally. After many attempts to clear the loop, I am now left with the only option of after boot shows [Prepare repair] finishes, then screen shows [Choose an...
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    SOLVED How to save photos as medium size buttons.

    I notice several members display photo of them selves in medium size buttons, How is this achieved? a matter of interest to me.
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    SOLVED Settings cog not show in Windows10 Startup.

    For some reason unknown, the Settings cog is no longer showing under the Start 3 horizontal bar top left, found under the File explorer icon. Any suggestions, please to it showing again.
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    SOLVED Delete a program permanent?

    In the start section preinstalled program is accidently deleted can it be reinstalled?
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    SOLVED How to disable start up picture and Password.

    Back again with an old chestnut, unable to bypass at start up picture and password sign in. In the past use of netplwiz or Control Userpasswords 2 solved the problem. However now both software no longer have the [ ] necessary showing, enabling to untick the box in users section. I have tried...