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  1. monkeylove

    SOLVED Smart Defrag 6 Pro

    See the performance test results here for Windows Security and others:
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    SOLVED Smart Defrag 6 Pro

    The system might take long to defragment because there's a lot to defragment, which means anything used to do that wasn't scheduled or didn't run as scheduled.
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    Useful Windows 10 Downloads

    There's one of several software updaters called Patch My PC: which also contains lists of programs that may be updated but aren't necessarily installed in the PC. Right-clicking on each software entry found in the left window opens the software description...
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    SOLVED What to Check When Windows 10 Freezes

    Thanks. I did not know about that.
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    SOLVED What to Check When Windows 10 Freezes

    Yes, I removed the app and have the OS update set at auto default, thanks. The weird thing is that the problem never came back even after I continued using the app for the next two weeks. Also, the same problem (the PC froze, with no response from the mouse or keyboard, all lights in the mouse...
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    SOLVED What to Check When Windows 10 Freezes

    Thanks to everyone. The problem has not taken place again, although it happened once around six months ago. I was just wondering why nothing showed up in the events log.
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    SOLVED What to Check When Windows 10 Freezes

    Thanks. I forgot to mention that I installed Process Lasso, but there's nothing in its log or the systems log (Win 10 Home x64 SL, updated given what Microsoft can offer) or the minidump to explain what happened.
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    SOLVED What to Check When Windows 10 Freezes

    What do I check to find out why Windows 10 freezes? By that, I mean it just freezes: nothing moves on screen, and the keyboard and mouse no longer work although they are lighted up. There's no BSOD. I had to shut down the computer using the power button. I checked the event log, and the only...
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    Win 10 won't recognise any mP3 players

    Work on the freezing problem first. If it's a new system, you will probably have to install drivers that came with the hardware and update them plus the OS.
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    Windows 10 sorrow

    There's no need to uninstall Edge. You can install Chrome and set it as your default browser.
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    SOLVED Cannot change Windows update settings - "Some settings are managed by your organisation"

    There are some points here: It also takes place when tweakers are used to remove some telemetry, etc.
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    Hard drive maintenance question

    I have a similar setup, but I have to use one hard drive for some software because they won't fit in the SSD. (SSDs are still expensive.) Also, I use the machine daily, with lots of files (big and small) moved around the drives (internal and external). Whenever the system slows down, I run the...
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    Missing Pictures in Firefox Browser.

    Also, try Help - Restart with add-ons disabled, then reload one site.
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    SOLVED Browser's with more privacy and security?.
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    Which Raspberry Pi software in addition to pihole?

    Perhaps pi-hole works fine for one user. When I tried the same, browsing sometimes slowed down because I have five other family members accessing the 'net. Given that, I don't know if the device can handle that plus desktop use. Also, I think pi-hole can't do cosmetic blocking, so something...
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    Internet connection cut outs?

    I had a similar problem with one machine and tried the following as well, and I recall either one or the other solved the problem: - disabled and re-enabled the adapter device; - uninstalled and reinstalled the adapter driver; - looked at the motherboard support page to see if there was a new...
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    Re-install W10 and keep your files/app data intact

    Also, repair upgrade:
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    Transferring my Windows to another Laptop

    I found the ff. from Microsoft:
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    SOLVED Browser

    Any mainstream browser with security addons will be safe. If you want privacy in addition to that, Firefox with tweaks, Tor, Ungoogled Chromium or other forks, etc. If you want more features via addons in addition to those two, Firefox and various forks. Finally, if you want speed, Edge.
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    Internet connection cut outs?

    From Win 10 settings, select Network, then Change Adapter Options, right-click on the Ethernet network used, select Properties, then the Configure Button, and select the Power Management tab. Is the option "Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power" unchecked? Have you also...