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    Battlefield Bad company 2 Kick

    For some reason every time I join a game I get kicked back to the menu. And also for some reason I have to run it as administrator from the shortcut to be able to play it too as it wont run from Origin. I know its windows 10 as my friend upgraded yesterday and was fine before and now is having...
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    SOLVED Webcam not working since upgrade

    After upgrading from windows 7 to 10 I tried using my HP 3300 Webcam however when I try to use it only a black screen shows and I know it was working fine before I changed to windows 10. When I plug it in the light still comes on briefly but it does not come on when I open applications that use...
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    SOLVED Administrator Problems

    I just upgraded to windows 10 from 7. I only have one account and everything was fine at first but after I restarted I tried to save a picture to a folder I had made before I restarted my computer (i previously could save pictures in it) but It said I needed administrator permissions to save it...